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Patch Notes: 1.0.05

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Keeping An Eye On Yourself

September 2, 2013


  • You can now 'earmuff linker' to get rid of the 'X moves east onto the place' messages in linked up locations.
  • 'map scan' will now give you a written description of enemies you can see in your map.


  • Groups now have an option to autosplit loot. This comes in three forms - 'off', in which loot is not split, 'corpse' in which only money taken from a corpse is split, and 'all' in which all money made by group members while the group is active is split.
  • Autosplit requires group members to be in the same room for it to be active.
  • The leader of a group can change the autosplit setting using the new 'group settings' command. More options will be added to this as time goes by.

Bug Fixes

  • Various small bug and typo fixes.
  • Wall mounted first aid boxes will now properly spawn with contents.
  • Vandalised telephone booths will once again spit out money.
  • Chuma Hassan will now properly report the amount of money available for you to withdraw.
  • Shops will now show the correct 'rep adjusted' price when listing.
  • The osiris public relations shop now has stock.
  • You can no longer practise with items when your advancement is restricted.
  • The Winchester should no longer lose its wireless network.
  • Maestro random events will apply properly once again, including searching and dreaming.
  • It's no longer possible to sell corpses at shops you sick, sick bastards.
  • Room chats will no longer double up when you're wandering around the world.
  • Rooms with windows will now receive a portion of the light outside.
  • Blocking an enemy's abscoding will actually block it now.
  • Health is now properly used for task difficulty, rather than energy twice.
  • Lighters can one again be fueled with petrol.


  • Money matching is now a little better, reducing incidents of confusion in what you want to do.
  • Money *handling* is also better - you can once again do your old favourites like 'get money from corpses', 'get all from corpse', 'get money&clothes from corpses' and so on.
  • There is now a 'factions reputation' syntax that gives you the veiw of your faction rep only.
  • Argue now has a 10 minute cooldown during which you can't initiate a new argument (but you can respond to them).
  • Safecracker tools are now available through crafting.
  • Burying/destroying objects now comes with a small XP/Resolve boost.
  • You can no longer recover objects that you didn't bury/destroy.
  • Grit bins are now persistant containers - they'll hold their contents over reboots and room unloads.
  • The level of a quest is now displayed when you list them on an NPC the higher, the more difficult it is. It's also shown in the quest details for the 'quests' command.
  • 'skills desc' has been added as a short form for 'skills descripton'.
  • The 'stats counters' command now shows stats since this patch as well as since the last boot.
  • The docks, the cathedral and Osiris Regional HQ have all been set as wireless access points.
  • You can now 'collude' with NPCs to get them to kick idling players out of the room. If you want to do Mischief.
  • It's now possible to 'repair' broken locks if you have a replacement lock of suitable quality.
  • It's also possible to 'attack' doors to destroy them. Oh, and FYI - zombies will now attempt to this if they sense you behind a locked door.
  • You can repair doors with a suitable barricade material to increase their condition.
  • The way in which faction money is calculated and transfered into shop funds has been adjusted. There is now a fixed pool of 'free money' in a faction that will slowly get transfered into the shop float every reset. However, a fraction of training costs that you spend at a faction trainer will be made available to the shop float. All other money is dependent on commerce.
  • The rep required for each level of reputation has been adjusted. Respected is now 10000 (up from 5,000), Admired is now 50,000 (as before) and exalted is now 250,000 (down from 500,000). Reputations in the other direction mirror this (-10000 for disrespected, -50000 for disdained, and -500000 for demonised).
  • The price of Phalanx has been increased a bit.
  • Shawn will now give a slightly wider range of missions.
  • The poncho pattern now requires a 'weave' instead of a second set of cloth strips. One weave pattern is available at Jeff (if you can stitch), the other two are available through research.
  • Attitude adjustment commands no longer stop you from using them when you are out of energy.
  • It's now possible for us to set crafting patterns to ignore colour - this is for constructing things where the colour of the item has absolutely no bearing on what comes out. It needs to be set individually on schematics, so please report those that should have it.
  • Lily, Zombardo, and Rosie have now been alligned to the Winchester faction.
  • The usual violent faction auto-responses of NPCs has been suppressed while within Alphabet Street and its associated areas.
  • The grace period that comes from maneouvering in combat now extends to interceptions - moving from your room will reset your grace period.
  • The interception of zombies when you move from room to room is no longer random, and is now skill based. The more zombies, of course, the harder that skill check is.
  • Fill and refill have been added as synonyms for 'power' and 'fuel' when dealing with petrol powered items.
  • Corpses now have the short of the thing that died added to them.
  • Molotov cocktails now require only a scrap, not a strip, of cloth.
  • Glance now shows when the room in which you are standing is an exploration launch pad.
  • NPCs will now only sometimes be wearing jewellery.
  • Anti zombie clumping mechanics have been refined a little - zombies will now declump more quickly and more aggresively.
  • Negative effects that target hunger or thirst will now bypass your social mode settings.
  • Nausea will now bring your out of stealth and cause you to make a noise when you throw up.
  • It's now possible to repair items that are in your current room, not just in your inventory.
  • Food will be scavenged more reliably from kitchens.

New Monitor

  • The old monitor system is gone, replaced with a new one. This one is much cleaner in code and let's us do things with it that the other one would need beaten with sticks to allow.
  • You configure your monitor through 'options mud_output monitor' now. You can choose what values to display, whether it is on at all, whether you should only see it when it changes, and a few other things.
  • If there are more things you'd like to be able to display on the monitor, submit idea reports for them.


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