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Patch Notes: 1.0.06

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Death Becomes You

September 11, 2013

Bug Fixes

  • Various small bug and typo fixes.
  • The name will now be shown when someone stops hiding in front of you.
  • Offering an object to an NPC for money will no longer runtime.
  • It is no longer possible to accidentally sell money.
  • Social mode will no longer give you unlimited energy.
  • It's no longer possible to guard exits on the opposite side of an obstacle.
  • Arguements should not stop mid-way through, but if they do please re-report. Also, report any argument claims that contain the word 'to' in them.
  • NPCs with more than the default amount of wellbeing will now show their status more accurately on 'health'
  • Obstacles will be an impediment to targeting opponents in more commands.
  • Corpses on fire will now produce a little bit of light.
  • Zombies will no longer intercept if blocked by an obstacle.
  • Weather earmuffs will now properly suppress weather chats.
  • Concealed weapons will now unconceal when you hit someone right in their stupid face with them.
  • You can no longer loot a burning corpse.
  • The clan chat command has been removed - this was supposed to have been obsoleted in favour of channel 1200 on your radio. That channel goes to the people in your clan only.
  • Faction and alignment pre-titles will now be possible to set.
  • The tundra exploration area has been reinstated in the Arctic.
  • It is now no longer possible to break through, or jimmy, the biometric doors at the Osiris Research Facility.


  • Two commands have been re-added to the game - 'suture' and 'diagnose'. See the section on death for more details.


  • Death has had a little rework and the lucky escape penalty has been removed. It's been replaced instead with a series of accumulating wounds. This is an old system we had for base combat in the pre-release phase of Epitaph.
  • Wounds are persistent damage over time effects that cause damage on an ongoing basis. They can also become infected if left untreated. Light wounds will close on their own however if they don't become infected.
  • An infected wound won't heal even if it's treated, but if you take some antibiotics you can start to bring the infection down. A treated wound will not become infected.
  • You can get a feel for how bad wounds are with the 'diagnose' command, which also gives you a short-term bonus to your ability to suture wounds on the target.


  • A new item has been added - stethoscope. It gives a small bonus to your me.me.di.
  • The cremation mission in Winchester now gives a little more XP and rep. The delivery mission gives a little less.
  • The 'hide gore' option in mud_output will now also suppress combat staining messages.
  • The amount of sound you make now impacts on stealth, hiding and concealing.
  • The speed at which hunger and thirst decay has been increased a bit as a result of more food/drink availability in previous patches.
  • The resolve boost of smokeables has been increased.
  • You can now 'blow' the smoke from a cigar or cigarette into the face of someone in the room. It gives a small negative attitude adjustment for NPCs, but doesn't do anything else. It's just bad-ass, yo.
  • If you want to be a dick when starting a fight with an NPC, you can now 'stub' a cigarette out on them to initiate combat.
  • Burying and destroying now break stealth.
  • The number of corpses in the city streets now has a fixed ceiling - they won't keep spawning and spawning until previous ones are buried/cremated.
  • The Winchester now teaches co.ta.me rather than me.co.ne - the latter is still available from Magister Damien.
  • Burial will also now count towards mission credit for the Winchester cremation mission.
  • More graffiti has been added into the possible survivor graffiti displays.
  • You will now occasionally find money as the result of scavenging.
  • The roleplaying system is now 'opt-in'. You can opt in or out of it at any time using 'options game roleplaying_system'. Your status for this will now also be reflected in your player refer.
  • The radio you get from James after leaving the tutorial area will now be on by default.
  • The buffs command will now show clan buffs.
  • The goals command will now output goals with a number, and you can use this to check/abandon the goal in the style of 'goals 1' to see the goal marked 1.
  • The 'bug squasher' achievement has been removed as it is no longer possible to trigger report insects from Epitaph Black Ops without a lot of restructuring.
  • NPCs will no longer engage in an argument if it's unlikely to be a 'fair' one, which means they won't argue if you dramatically outskill their abilities in the topic.
  • NPCs now get levels in every skill, based on their challenge level. The number of levels in their 'non specialist' skill sets is considerably lower than in other areas, but it ensures a wide range of skills and such for debate topics.
  • Light changes in a room will now remind NPCs that you're there if they didn't notice you before.
  • The cooldown on takedown has been reduced to 120 seconds.
  • You can no longer sell partially empty vessels to shops.
  • A new quest has been added - "may contain nuts".
  • Repair will now do a better job of matching provided repair materials to the target object if you try to repair with multiple items.
  • Attend and bandage now use mental.medical.first-aid rather than mental.medical.treatment.
  • The commands 'help' and 'tell' now work when you're unconscious.
  • Canned food will no longer decay until it has been opened. This needs to be set individually on each food item, so please report food that doesn't obey this rule.
  • Raw meat now comes with nutrition, unless it's of low quality in which case it'll give you the disgusted debuff.
  • The speed at which various kinds of food decay has been altered.
  • There is now a persistant inform to remind you when you are in social mode.
  • The mission requirements for the Iron Farmer's have been scaled back.
  • Due to lagging reasons, the capacity of grit bins has been restricted dramatically.


  • The 'options mud_output monitor' section now has a way to set the priority of wellbeing when it is displayed on the monitor. Highest will be shown first, ignoring those wellbeing elements that have been switched off.
  • You can now change the colour of the monitor sections through 'options colour wellbeing'. This gives you control over the colours used for wellbeing warnings generally, and these will be honoured by the monitor command.

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