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Patch Notes: 1.0.07

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September 17, 2013


  • A highly experimental system has been added - the 'soundgrid' command. Currently this is only supported on the landmine map in the barracks because it needs feasibility tested.
  • Soundgrid will create an audio enabled webgrid where symbols on the map are converted into a web table that gives a different sound for each symbol when you mouse over it.
  • Under each audio symbol is a series of clickable links - these will cause your character to perform that action in the game.
  • I have no idea if this will actually make our 'grid based' quests accessible, but I'd like to give it a go and see if we can't hammer it into something useful. Feedback very gratefully accepted for this.
  • Currently only works on HTML 5 enabled browsers. Future support dependant on value of project.

Bug Fixes

  • Various small bug and typo fixes.
  • Invisible money should disappear from your various nooks and crannies.
  • It's no longer possible to read things when they're inside a container.
  • Molotov cocktails will no longer break when assembled.
  • Firefighters now get 'gut' rather than 'hack' and 'jimmy' as a free command.
  • Attend now properly applies its healing effects.
  • Using soul commands with / will now no longer incorrectly do a fallthrough to 'proper' commands.
  • It is no longer possible to salvage kindling.
  • Light values during the night have been fixed. It'll be darker at night now.
  • You can no longer salvage first aid kits.


  • Maneouvering in combat has been made a a lot quicker.
  • The grace period after maneouvering in combat has been adjusted. It's now slightly longer one on one, with the period being reduced the more enemies you have in combat with you.
  • A new knack 'float like a butterfly' has been added to allow you to increase your base grace period.
  • Critters no longer count with regards to calculating your number of opponents penalty.
  • Zombies will now more reliably (but not entirely reliably) focus on the target that has accumulated the most threat.
  • When you are the target of a concentration, there will be a message to indicate it.
  • A failed charge will now still put you in the scrum, although it won't move your enemy. If you critically fail, you will slip and fall on your dumb face.


  • A new item has been added to the game - gaffer tape. It serves to act as a universal repair material for simple objects, allowing it to take the place of the appropriate material in a repair.
  • A battering ram has been made available. It is heavy but comes with a considerable breach bonus.
  • There is now a brief option for salvage.
  • A series of sleeping bags have been added. If you have one of these available when you powernap, the cooldown will be halved from 60 minutes to 30 minutes.
  • The amount of morality adjustment for donating money has been reduced.
  • Maestro will now alert you when his protection naturally times out after death.
  • Using 'climb' to climb over an obstacle now lowers the difficulty more substantially.
  • The alignment command will now show alignment titles available to you.
  • Crafted rope is now an implement you can hold, and when you do it'll give you a bonus to your climbing skill.
  • Standard lengths of rope can now be scavenged from various locations.
  • A grappling hook schematic has been added and is available via research.
  • Thirst will now decay a little slower.
  • A crank charger has been added to the game. You can use this to turn energy into power for any powered devices, albeit at a much lower convesion of GP to power than you'd find on a specialised device.
  • Road signs have been added as scavengable shields.
  • A bucket helmet has been added as a researchable schematic.
  • The weight of shields has been reduced.
  • The 'bounce back' knack now removes any wounds you have accumulated.
  • 'Diagnose' has been made easier to do, and a successful diagnosis will now also reduce the difficulty of a suture.
  • The number of uses left in a first aid kit now has an impact on how difficult a suture is. The more charges, the easier it is to suture with the kit.
  • There is now a new option - 'options mud_output marks_in_glance' will control whether glance shows any marks people have made in the room.
  • Current XP has been added as a possible monitor element.
  • The 'quests' and 'quest' helpfiles have been merged.
  • The mechanics of shop inventory have been changed. From now on, when you sell something to a shop, it goes 'in the back' and doesn't appear instantly in the storeroom. After a reset, the current contents of the storeroom and what's 'in the back' are merged into a single list, and stock randomly rotated based on that. Factions will also 'consume' what they have been given if it's something that they especially want, and some of the value of that will trickle into the shop funds.
  • Shops will now pay less for items they have a lot of that type in stock.
  • If you succeed a stealth check against someone, it will now be a few seconds before they get another chance to see you.

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