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Patch Notes: 1.0.08

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The Delicious Taste Of Violence

September 22, 2013

Bug Fixes

  • Various small bug and typo fixes.
  • Like a good journalist, Twa Dugs now has no factional allegience.
  • The metal rod schematic now requires two metal bars. The small metal rod schematic only gives you one out.
  • Rope now counts as the correct 'crafted type' for schematic patterns, but you'll need to make new lengths of rope for them to work properly.
  • Selma Rashid is now properly registered to Osiris Acquisitions rather than Osiris Security.
  • The way trickle reputation (reputation gained as a result of gaining reputation with other factions) is calculated has been altered.
  • Lure now obeys its cooldown.
  • Performing a charm, intimidate, or bribe will now bring you out of stealth.


  • Cooking is returning to the game, but in a different form to how it worked before we released.
  • Cooking is now a kind of crafting, done through the 'cook' command.
  • Food now has a range of 'properties' that cooking can bring out. Potatoes are filling, peanuts are salty, and so on. The food items that you incorporate into a recipe will influence the exact properties that the food has.
  • One of the recipes is a vegetable stew - you can make this out of any vegetables provided you have enough. The amount of the stew you make will be based on how many mouthfuls were in the raw components. The nutrition of the food is based on how well you cooked it - badly cooked food will be less nutritious than the raw food.
  • A vegetable stew of potatos, carrots and beets will give you the property of any of the contents randomly when you take a mouthful. You can also 'season' food with sauces, salts and such to give them a little extra oomph. Season is a command you'll get once you have a few levels of ag.ma.co.
  • Cooked food also gives you a resolve boost per bite, depending on the quality of the food that's been made, provided it's above a certain quality.
  • The distill command has been returned to the game, and can be bought for 250 command points. The more heavily polluted water is, the easier it is to make some improvement to it. It also allows you to purify beyond safe water to purified water and crystal clear water, both of which have a higher 'quench factor'.
  • Chefs now get 'cook' and 'butcher' as their free commands.
  • At the moment, cooking requires a vessel which is consumed as part of the process. That's a temporary state of affairs - as time goes by, the system will get more subtle.


  • A new zombie has been added to Dunglen - the bug eye. It can see in the dark and has pretty good perception.
  • Defeating a higher ranked player in an Elo ranked competition now gives you some XP.
  • the amount of money on wandering NPCs has been increased.
  • Paint tins and dye vials have been made more common.
  • The faction command now has syntaxes that allow you to view only skills, titles, npcs, and morality for a faction.
  • Phones now show you the current time when they're switched on.
  • You can now unset your quest title through the title command.
  • Randomly generated caves will now sometimes have gatherable metal and stone.
  • If you die from poison gas in the chemical factory, you'll now be dropped off in a 'safe' room.
  • The damage done by sniping at a distance has been increased.
  • You can now display trickle reputation through 'options mud_output show_rep_trickle=on'.
  • An untargeted syntax has been added to ranged combat. It will fire your weapon at the enemy upon which you are currently concentrating. As in, 'fire shotgun'.
  • Zola, Billy, Louis and Franklin no longer have random factional loyalties.
  • Randomly generated copses of trees will now have gatherable wood.
  • Butchered body parts will no longer be worth burial XP, and the value of a buried container is now the sum of all of the items within it plus the item itself.
  • You can now exercise with punching bags as well as practise with them.
  • The materials for the 'simple leather gloves' schematic have been changed.
  • It's now possible to repair an item with any material that it has as a material.


  • The faction PK system has been brought online. You now have three flavours of PK available - off, which removes you from all playerkilling; faction, which means you are up for factional PK; and full which means baby, you up for anything.
  • Faction PK is possible only if you are in a 'hostile' area and your opponent is in a 'friendly' area. As an example, if you're Covenant and your opponent is Osiris, it's a valid faction PK interaction if you're in Kirkmohr and so are they, but it's not a valid interaction if you're in the Winchester and so are they. If they are in Osiris and you're not aligned, then even if they're in Kirkmohr it's not a valid faction PK interaction.
  • Setting your playerkiller tag now gives you a 'danger' bonus for certain activities. Full PK gives you a 20% bonus to some kinds of earned XP and rep (like combat), and faction PK gives you a 10% bonus.

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