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Patch Notes: 1.0.10

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From Your Cold Dead Hands

October 13, 2013

Bug Fixes

  • Various small bug and typo fixes.
  • Score/command/knack points will be more reliable, but the way in which they are calculated has been changed. Previously these were based on bonus for skills (which is variable based on ) and now they will be based on level, which won't change quite so often.
  • You can no longer repair with items you can't pick up.
  • Crafted crowbars will no longer lose their breaching bonus when reloaded, but you'll need to get hold of a new crowbar to get the benefit of that.
  • Cremating and burying will now give the same amount of XP.
  • Everyone should be able to query the history of the newbie channel now.
  • Everyone should be able to hear what's said on the newbie channel now.
  • You can no longer sell unconscious children to faction shops. You monsters.


  • A series of practise books for drafting have been added.
  • The value of first aid kits now increases with the number of uses they have.
  • Login informs will now show factional allegiences if these have been chosen.
  • Some general efficiency improvements.

New Ammo

  • A new ammo system has been introduced. Ammo is now handled in two categories - 'clips' which are inserted directly into weapons, and 'bullets' which are inserted into clips.
  • The number of bullets a weapon will have when loaded depends on the number of rounds in the clip. You can put these in and take them out - clips are then a kind of container for 'loose ammo'.
  • Reload speed has been removed in favour of a more 'emergent' way of handling different reload regimes. Shotguns and revolvers are now reloaded one bullet at a time, while pistols and rifles are reloaded with a clip at a time. We'll add speedloaders and such at a later date to help deal with this.
  • You can now 'eject' clips from weapons.
  • Ammo will now be harder to come by for some weapons.
  • Ranged weapon damage has been boosted to compensate for lower ammo availability.

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