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Patch Notes: 1.0.11

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The Story Of Pain

October 22, 2013

Bug Fixes

  • Various small bug and typo fixes.
  • The 'repair clothes' favour will no longer fail to work if you don't have a weapon.
  • Patch informs on login will now be naturally sorted when there are more than one to be reported.
  • The homunculus will now freely wander around areas that other zombies wouldn't.
  • NPCs with ammo clips will now spawn with them at least partially full.
  • Ammo clips sold at shops will now come with ammo.
  • Rubber items no longer get the plastic adjective.
  • Distill will now require a suitable heat source in a room as intended.
  • You can no longer sell unconscious living creatures by depositing them directly into a shop's storeroom. What is wrong with you people??
  • Corpses are now a good deal lighter, with child corpses being lighter still. You monsters.
  • Logging off in a randomly generated area should no longer result on you logging on to limbo.
  • It's no longer possible to repair objects in your current environment. This had too many issues associated with it. You can still repair with objects in your environment though.
  • Being on fire will now tick more slowly and do more damage per tick.
  • The value of ammo clips will now increase as ammo is put in them.


  • Zombie declumping will now be an ongoing process, not something handled in batches every few minutes.
  • The energy required to reload has been reduced.
  • The research command now allows you to direct your research towards specific schematics.
  • Skill books for tanning have been added.
  • The amount of money available on NPCs and random corpses has been reduced a bit.
  • Areas that have prohibited entry (such as Kirkmohr, the Arctic Base and Eilean Targe) will no longer clear your command queue when you're hit.
  • The Arctic Research Base has now been set as wireless enabled.
  • Factions with a faction lock on them will no longer do any trade in their shops with non faction members.
  • Calculators now give a small science bonus when held.
  • The cost of the 'handout' favour has been increased.
  • Factions will no longer give you any rep credit for donating or selling stuff that they gave you as a favour.
  • The mechanics of meditate have changed. Now meditating for lucky escapes and winds has a 'chance' to go with it, and the chance you get one at all is dependant on how well you passed the skill check. This is no longer even close to being a guaranteed refresh.

Narrative Combat

  • A new setting for combat has been added - narrative combat. This replaces the constant display of 'x hits y with z' combat output and replaces it with a paragraph of descriptive text every few seconds.
  • This is the start of a hopefully more substantial redesign of how combat is presented, allowing for large scale combats with multiple participants to be more strategic and less wading through spam.
  • This is only the start of the system, and provides little genuine 'narrative' for the story of a combat. Expect this to evolve as time goes by. Consider it experimental for the time being, and no guarantees are given that it will work correctly in all situations.
  • Enabled via 'options combat narrative_combat'

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