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Patch Notes: 1.0.12

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You're Not The Boss Of Me Now

November 6, 2013


  • 'options mud_output accessible_text' will now remove all padding from table based output (such as the 'factions' command).


  • This patch introduces the world boss spawn handler, which will occasionally spawn super powerful enemies in the game. You'll need a group to make much progress with these. They have higher quality equipment that spawns as loot once they have been defeated.
  • The Colossus has been added as a world boss - he is to behemoths what behemoths are to normal zombies. He'll occasionally spawn in the south part of the city, so be warned.
  • Benumb Z-103 has been added as a world boss. He was formerly a test subject for the Osiris Corporation's Arctic Research Facility, but some things went terribly, terribly wrong. He'll occasionally escape from his Osiris escort, so keep an eye out.
  • Bosses are likely to undergo a good deal of balancing, rebalancing and checking as we go on. Be prepared for unreliability!

Bug Fixes

  • Various small bug and typo fixes.
  • A bug impacting on meditate difficulty has been fixed. You should find a larger range of success/failure options now.
  • The quest 'God is always watching' now properly has 'Backdoor Entry' as a pre-requisite.
  • You crazy freaks. You can no longer sell body *parts* to shops, or drop them in the storeroom without them disappearing.
  • You can now 'look through' sniper rifles and binoculars and such and see what's going on.
  • Scanning with a visual remote viewing device will now show you the room description as you move from room to room.
  • You can no longer interact with a shop if anyone is fighting the shopkeeper.
  • The achievement 'Franklin Hates Everything' has been removed, because it was never supposed to be there. The quest remains.
  • Weapons that get reloaded with multiple rounds without using a clip (like shotguns) should now eject their ammo properly.
  • The weight of clothes when first cloned wasn't taking into account the materials of the item. These should now calculate properly.
  • NPCs will no longer perform faction greets when they can't see the player.
  • Bows, crossbows, slingshots and some other ranged weapons will now no longer jam.
  • Netdead players will no longer count as NPCs for faction checks (such as search, crack and the like).


  • The way batteries work has been changed. Now, they come with a percentage charge (which you can determine to a degree by licking them) and that's the percentage to which they charge your devices. Batteries found in the game will be found with a random amount of charge left in them, but overall you should get more use out of your devices.
  • The difficulty to jimmy locks has been increased.
  • The perform time on abscond has been reduced.
  • The options setting for the monitor has changed from 'on' to 'enabled'
  • The weight of plastic and leather has been reduced.
  • Members of the United Nations can now release The Mordere at any time, provided they have first completed the quest, 'From UNPARC With Love'.
  • A new quest has been added to the Arctic Research Facility for Osiris members: White Shot. The quest 'Zee Keeper' is a pre-requirement.
  • The damage done by sniping has been decreased slightly, but those with the command 'snipe' will see the damage done increase slightly from how it was before the patch.
  • A helpfile for mobile phones has been added.
  • The capacity of bags and such has been increased across the board.
  • Who will now show Full/Factional playerkiller status.
  • When taking money from a safe, shopkeepers may now have something to say about it.
  • Miniguns have been changed so they no longer take high calibre ammo clips. Instead, they take high calibre ammo belts. Each of these can hold up to 500 rounds. Aw jeah.
  • A new option for the monitor has been added - narrative. This determines if the monitor shows when narrative combat ticks.
  • More animal types are now tameable.
  • Ammo clips will now randomly spawn with some ammo in them. Usually.
  • Vessels will now show roughly how many mouthfuls/litres of a liquid are contained within them. We work on the assumption that about 20 mouthfuls are a litre.
  • The standard metal pipe schematic now requires two metal rods rather than one metal bar.
  • The output from 'alignment list' is now sorted.
  • Engage, disengage and wimpy have been added to the list of commands that all pets understand.
  • The cost of faction favours has been adjusted. Some of these have gone down. Others have gone up.
  • Kim Early now has a faction allegience of Winchester rather than random.
  • The 'you didn't supply the right component' message for crafting has been changed to be more explicit. For example, 'assemble grappling hook from rope,backpack' will now give the message 'You cannot assemble a grappling hook because you supplied 1x rope and 1x backpack but you need 1x rope and 1x metal bar.'
  • You can now refill first aid kits from other first aid kits, getting all their uses transfered one to the other.

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