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Patch Notes: 1.0.13

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Pet Semetary

November 22, 2013

Bug Fixes

  • Various small bug and typo fixes.
  • UNPARC saboteurs and other appropriate creatures should now be found wandering around the Arctic.
  • Liquids will now properly reload in bottles.
  • Refreshing will now properly result in a lighter being provided.
  • Falling down when drunk is no longer an insta-kill. But still, drink responsibly, kids.
  • Angela will no longer wander around Kirkmohr.
  • Batteries will now hold a charge again over logins.


  • A link has been added to the web patches site to show a conslidated list of patch notes since 1.0.1. So you can see how hard we're working for you.
  • A new command has been added - 'train'. You can use this to configure a pet with knacks and commands.
  • The amount of health and stamina of bosses has been reduced considerably. They will still require more balancing, but they are more realistically killable. Their general melee damage output has been slightly increased.
  • Tanning and curing kits can now be refilled. Curing kits can be refilled with salt (now scavengeable in houses and such), while tanning kits can be refilled with salt, nails, oils, and brushes.
  • Commands that require an offensive stance can now be performed while in the insane stance.
  • The time taken for taxi journeys has been increased, but so too has the amount of time you get to get on board.
  • Because of , it's no longer possible to fill multiple containers at once. You'll need to do them individually.


  • The pet system has been overhauled to make owning a pet more interesting and useful.
  • Pets now come with points that you can spent configuring them. The number of points is dependent on your bonus in the appropriate taming skill as well as the age of the pet. Pets accumulate a point per two hours of activity.
  • You can 'consider' your pet to see what knacks and commands they have. Only you can see this information.
  • You can use the 'train' command to buy their knacks and commands. The knacks act on you, and the commands perform a range of functions. The train command must be bought separately.
  • Pets can be 'instructed' to perform special commands in the usual way.
  • When a pet dies, its age is reset back to 0 and all its commands and knacks are unlearned.

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