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Patch Notes: 1.0.14

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Raiders Of The Lost Spark

December 18, 2013


  • A new area has been aided - a raider compound available from exploration within Scotland. Enemies within the compound are always aggressive, and span in difficulty from average to quite hard.
  • The area is protected by electric fences on the sliproads, but there are ways in.
  • Four new quests added with the new compound.

Armour Sets

  • Armour sets have been introduced into the game. These are pieces of worn equipment that when worn in combination with other pieces from the same set will grant additional bonuses. The bonus gained is dependant on the average quality of the items sharing the set.
  • A craftable bone armour set has been added to the game. It's accessible via research.
  • A forgeable set of platemail has been added to the game. It's accessible via research.
  • A craftable shinobi armour set has been added to the game. It's accessible via research.

Bug Fixes

  • Various small bug and typo fixes.
  • The container capacity change indicated in a previous patch will now properly affect more containers.
  • The difficulty level ascribed to some factions has been increased to intended values. The difficulty level for the Winchester in particular has been increased considerably.
  • Successfully using 'counsel' and other heal over time commands will no longer result in applying even more psychological scarring. Whoops.
  • The web based quest browser will now give more comprehensive results for searches by sub-area.
  • The recruit command will now properly show the number of codes you have left to generate.
  • If a recruited player does not complete the tutorial, their code will be refunded.
  • Taxi timetables will now show your local time rather than base time.
  • The money in shop safes will now calculate correctly over resets.


  • Tranquiliser guns will now fit into a rifle scabbard.
  • A standardised system of NPC adjectives has been introduced. When an NPC has an adjective (such as 'a precise raider'), it's an indication that their stats have been increased/decreased, proportionate to their level, in a way that is harmonious with the meaning of their adjective. The result is that the range of bonuses you encounter in the game will be wider. Some enemies will be more dangerous, others less dangerous. Other still may be 'just about the same'.
  • People following you will now go with you when you explore, or move in exploration rooms.
  • Rooms which contain immobile powered items (generators, sawmills, etc) will no longer unload while there's power in the item.
  • Schematics for katanas and claymores have been added to the game. These are accessible via a scavengeable book.
  • Corpses will be knocked from your inventory when you quit - they're not designed to save over reloads and resolving this would be far more work than is warranted.
  • Stethoscopes now also give a bonus to safe cracking when worn,
  • More guns have been set as snipers, allowing you to target enemies in rooms with a clear line of sight.
  • The 'worst pies in Dunglen' achievement has been removed for the time being.
  • The number of entries stored in the mud-side blog interface is now limited to 20 at a time.
  • A new command has been added - 'deathblow'. You'll get this as a natural part of playing the game. It allows you to perform an insta-kill on any unconscious enemy, but you won't get any XP for the death.
  • Rumour emails have been added to hacked Osiris computers.
  • Cola drinks are now caffeinated, meaning they give a small energy boost as well as a thirst boost when drunk.
  • You can now dye and paint objects 'plainly', removing any of the positive skill-check based colour modifiers.
  • Fried meat is now an introductory schematic that Jeff will teach as long as you have the cook command.
  • Evaluate will now show the max number of uses in a bottle.

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