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Patch Notes: 1.0.15

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Brisk And Refreshing

February 17, 2014


  • Hillman's County: Silent Hollow has been added to the game and is available from exploration within Scotland.
  • Silent Hollow is the first installment of a three part episodic area expansion. It's a small town in the mountains of Scotland and part of the Regional Council Area known as Hillman's County.

Bug Fixes

  • Various small bug and typo fixes.
  • Memory will now be properly cleared upon a refresh.
  • A message will now be shown when displaying an empty board list through 'boards'
  • The dye command has been fixed.
  • Crafted clothes will now work better with the crafting system.
  • The Sea Wolves storeroom will now contain food.
  • It's no longer possible to tan leather to end up with 'leather leather'.
  • Unconceal will now work correctly.
  • Armour sets will no longer runtime if you look at them while not wearing any of them.
  • Crafted power sources will now be created with 100% charge.
  • Snowballs will no longer break when assembled. Because they're now full of grit and broken glass in the best Scottish tradition.
  • Crafted shields will now obey the same rules as regular shields.
  • Sniper rifles and hunting rifles are now two-handed weapons.
  • Transfering liquids from one container to another should work better in most circumstances.
  • PK checks should now be working properly again. Should be.
  • The paladin armour set is now forged rather than stitched. Doh.
  • Skulls, backbones, ribs and the like will no longer decay.
  • Counsel will once again work to remove the Scared to Live debuff.


  • Community points will now be set to zero on a refresh.
  • The professions list will now show sorted professions.
  • The chance of general TMs has been decreased, and the time between TMs in the same skill increased a little.
  • The impact of favoured skills on taskmaster chances has been increased.
  • A new base profession has been added - 'animal trainer'
  • Eating salt will now negatively impact on your thirst.
  • The amount of money from training that goes to the faction money stores has been greatly reduced.
  • Factions now have a fixed money limit in terms of how much they'll ever have available in the safe.
  • The value of food has been changed, and is now dependant on both the number of bites and how decayed the food is.
  • Four books of cooking schematics have been added.
  • 'Schematics details' will now show the kind of assemble command needed.
  • The higher of your level or bonus will now be used in the calculation of TM chances, rather than just bonus.
  • A new special ammo type has been added for shotguns: shotgun slugs (deer slugs). These are solid projectiles that are also armour-piercing.
  • A couple of hunter's animal calling devices have been added.
  • Both the Necrotic and Smoker zombies have had their skill-levels increased. Be extra cautious.
  • Fire extinguisher's have been added to the game.
  • When you throw a glass bottle into an adjacent room it will now break. It will also produce a noise that can attract zombies.


  • A new system has been put in place for calculating overall score
  • A new command has been added - 'prestige'. When characters over two days in character age refresh, they will earn prestige as a result of accumulated accomplishments. The prestige value of your character will experience diminishing returns the more 'total' prestige points you have earned.
  • Prestige can be spent on gaining access to prestige rewards. Currently, there are only prestige professions, knacks and titles but other things will become available over the next patches.
  • Prestige can be used to buy access to titles that persist over refreshes. Currently these are limited to the ranks of aristrocracy, but include titles such as 'sir', 'dame', 'earl', 'duke' and so on.
  • Prestige knacks have been added. Buying these makes them available for purchase with knack points - they're cheaper than the non-prestige equivalents, and stack with them.

Prestige Professions

  • A number of prestige professions (26 of them) have been added to the game. Each existing profession now has two higher 'tiers' of profession that can be purchased with profession points.
  • Prestige professions have more favoured skills, more free commands, and get a rep and XP bonus.
  • Currently new profession classes are: Special Forces, Black Ops Commando, Reader, Professor, Gourmet, Three Star Chef, Gang Leader, Crime Lord, Surgeon, Neurosurgeon, Ecologist, Genetic Engineer, Civil Contingencies Agent, Counter Terrorism Agent, Judge, Supreme Court Judge, Engineer, Rocket Scientist, Armed Response Commander, Intelligence Officer, Neurochemist, Consultant Psychiatrist, Private Security Counterespionage Consultant, Zoo Keeper, Military Animal Handler
  • More professions and prestige professions will be introduced in future patches.

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