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Patch Notes: 1.0.16

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Achievement Unlocked

May 4, 2014


  • Old achievements have been moved into a shadowy hinterland where they count but don't *count*. The AP earned for these will be convered over to 'legacy' AP. Legacy AP will continue to count towards command and knack points, but will be lost on your next refresh
  • Progress towards old-style achievements is no longer possible.
  • New set of achievements added.
  • An additional XP award and announcement is now given for completing all achievements in a category.
  • Completing a category now awards a player title of the same name as the category. Completing all the 'wild rover' achievements for example permits the pre-title 'wild rover'
  • New style achievements are worth twice as much for command and knack points.

Bug Fixes

  • Various small bug and typo fixes.
  • Safes now properly have a task to crack them associated.
  • Guns will now properly class as ranged weapons when you sell or buy them.
  • Ammo clips will now properly class as ammo when you buy or sell them.
  • Setting the default colour of radio channels should now be properly honoured.
  • Bob Gabriel should once again exchange tranquiliser darts.
  • The Diplomatic Corps now offer 'cure digestion problems' as a favour rather than curing blood poisoning.
  • Choosing a profession in the dream will no longer runtime.
  • Profession options in dreams are now handled with a natural sort rather than a pure alphanumeric sort. That means 9, 10, 11 rather than 1, 10, 11.
  • Behemoths will now only throw targets they're in the scrum with, and won't throw when they're prone.
  • Paint removed as a mechanic free comand - gave 50 points too many to the profession.
  • Various prestige professions fixed with the right amount of favoured skills.
  • The generator at the raider overpass will now be on by default.
  • Money can no longer have a negative weight.
  • Money can no longer have a negative value.


  • You can now 'smash' or 'break' glass bottles over other objects (or people...) in order to break them. The result is that you may end up with a weapon favoured by hobos (when not wielding shotguns). Enjoy.
  • Many old achievements converted into repeatable goals.
  • XP is no longer awarded when you stealth or hide in front of a non-aggressive NPC.
  • A new 'fairness' system is being phased in - this defines a 'fair' check as one where you or your opponent are with roughly two difficulty bands of each other for a particular check. This will make its way into XP awards, achievement progress and so on as time goes by.
  • Options will now persist over refrshes.
  • When using 'argue' with no parameters when you're not in an argument, it will show you the final score of the last argument you were in.

Level Drain

  • A level drain system has been put into the game. Your skills are no longer safe.
  • Level drain is a special attack performed by certain especially nasty zombies. The amount of level drain is based on several factors, including 'damage' inflicted and the general scariness of the enemy.
  • Each time a level is about to be drained, you get a skill check against the level of your enemy. If you pass it, you might keep the level - it depends on how well you pass.
  • You can only be afflicted by level drain once every ten minutes, but skills lost in this way are permanently gone until you advance them back.
  • A new knack, 'retentive', gives you a chance to avood level drain.
  • Using up a lucky escape now also comes with a chance of level drain, with the chance going up the older your character is. The chance of level drain is approximately 5% per day of character age, with a floor of 5%. Characters still considered 'newbie' by Maestro are not affected. The retentive knack impacts on this, but the percentage chance of drain on death has no upper bounds.
  • Several new zombies have been added with level drain functions; chokers, rotters, jackalhides and more.
  • Smokers are now registered as level drain zombies.


  • Board fixed so it actually loads again. Whoops.
  • Blog and bulletin boards optimised somewhat.

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