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Patch Notes: 1.0.17

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June 1, 2014

Bug Fixes

  • Various small bug and typo fixes.
  • A bug affecting NPC behaviours has been fixed - Human enemies should now be a little more entertaining to battle, as should zombies. This may make your lives a little more interesting than before.
  • Wiki informs will now properly show the author of the change once more.
  • Spending XP will no longer count against your earned XP for the XP earning goals.
  • You can once again fill containers from water sources (burns, rivers...etc).
  • You can now fill your bottle from the river bank located out in the country.
  • Killing a faction NPC in their faction area will now result in a penalty rather than a bonus.
  • Achievements will now count properly for prestige.
  • Handing a faction token of an enemy to a token receiver will now grant rep in the appropriate faction.
  • Diane in the Winchester will now die properly if you kill her.
  • You can no longer lose loyalty for actions directed at yourself.
  • Mr Pockets is once again running, and looking into your pocketses.
  • Money transfered to you when over-burdened will now spill onto the ground rather than simply disappear.
  • Money stolen from safes will now count towards achievements and missions.
  • Siphoning will no longer allow you to overfill containers.
  • Wellbeing will no longer tick if you are net-dead.
  • The identify favour now correctly costs 100 reputation a shot.
  • Stealthing around should no longer cause recursion errors.
  • Crowdfunding tubes will no longer take twice the indicated amount.
  • Cured and tanned skins should now properly propagate the race details through transforms.
  • Mr Pockets should now honour your settings in 'options pockets player'.
  • Xp costs for advancing should now be the same when displayed *and* when taken.
  • Multiple bits can now be butcher from a single corpse provided there are multiple bits in the corpse to begin with.
  • The deathblow command no longer eroneously requires you to be in combat with an enemy.
  • 'Empty' and 'full' descriptors should now work correctly with bottles.
  • Using a flamethrower on a neutral enemy will now be considered an offensive act and result in them attacking you. Seriously, that wasn't the case before. SETTING SOMEONE ON FIRE wasn't considered to be an aggressive act.
  • The houses on the west side of Elm street will now load properly once again.
  • The warehouses on Jannsen Street will now load properly one again.
  • Bronze, steel and brass bars should be possbible to forge now.


  • The max quality of a crafted item is now dependent on your level in the schematic theory skill if one exists.
  • A new quest, 'Zen Meditation' has been added to Kirkmohr. Speak to Brother William Patterson to start it.
  • A new schematic has been added - a badge. It lets you use an object as an inspiraton, so make whatever badges you like you crazy diamonds. It's available in the Intermediate Jewelsmithing schematic book.
  • Falling damage has been adjusted - you now take 500 points of damage per room you fall through on the way to the ground. This should make it less deadly in most circumstances.
  • You can now remove a self-obtained badge through the 'badges' command.
  • The goals command now comes with a progress counter, and has had its output converted into a table structure.
  • The current world boss in the wild is now visible through the 'uptime' command. I know that's a strange place for it.
  • The news/announcements command now shows only the last 20 entries by default.
  • Radios now show time according to what you've set as your local time, rather than UTC.
  • Hunger and thirst now decay much slower when you're in a dream event.
  • Fewer items are marked as plastic, and these items that previously had 'plastic' as an adjective should now no longer have them.
  • Ranged weapons now come with a 'recoil' which determines the chance you lose your target between sniping attempts.
  • The new 'sniper' knack reduces the chance you lose your target between sniping attempts.
  • By default the patches command now shows only the last ten patches.
  • You can now probe the locks on locked items like abandoned cars.
  • It's no longer possible to rename companions as illegal names, such as those of players.


  • A new faction of sorts has been added - they're called the Tinkerers. Give one of them a tinker token, which is available at an extortionate rep hit from moderate and large factions, and you'll gain rep in their faction.
  • If you give a tinkerer an object you possess with no special properties, they will place an enhancement on it for 50,000 rep per possible level of enhancement.
  • You'll find the first representative of the tinkers at the top of the hospital in Dunglen.


  • The website quest browser now shows how many quest points and XP in total are available across a region. It's our long term plan to balance both QPs and XP available for main and medium faction areas so that they are roughly equivalent.

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