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Patch Notes: 1.0.18

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June 29, 2014

Bug Fixes

  • Various small bug and typo fixes.
  • An issue with weights has been fixed - material durability modifiers, rather than weight modifiers, were being applied to calculate an item's weight. Now, weight modifiers will be used as intended. Some things will weigh less now. Other things may weigh more.
  • Skipping the tutorial will now result in the usual newbie equipment popping into your inventory when you start in the Winchester.
  • Liquids once again have short descriptions.
  • Forged metal bars will now get the proper quality set when created.
  • You can no longer use the flare gun indoors. Well, you can, but there are now consequences for doing so.
  • The newbie area is once again possible to get through without runtimes.
  • Killing enemies will once again trigger death actions in the environments.
  • Future entries into hskills, hachievements and hquests should now respect your local time settings.
  • Progress on food eating goals should now properly be registered.
  • Level drain on death is now properly only on the worst class of death.
  • The 'fixer' achievement should now record your progress correctly, although you'll need to complete at least one more mission for each of the factions for them to recognise. Sorry.
  • Due to incompatibilities in how they handle quality, wooden planks can no longer be used as weapons.
  • Safes in general stores will now no longer be too small to hold your delicious money.


  • The dye command has had its cost reduced to 50 from 100.
  • Plants when harvested and trees when cut into logs will now sometimes produce coloured 'plant matter' as a byproduct.
  • A new 'dye' schematic has been added - it uses the plant matter produced from gathering. It also requires a mordant, which is found through scavenging.
  • Stone and metals which are harvested will now sometimes produce 'coloured stone' as a byproduct.
  • A new 'paint' schematic has been added - it uses the coloured stones produced from gathering. It also requires an egg, which is found through scavenging.
  • A new crafting book that holds the dye and paint schematics has been added.
  • The 'dye' and 'paint' commands now contain a 'mix' syntax that allows for two colours to be mixed together.



  • The weight of shields has been adjusted downwards.
  • A helpfile for Mr Pockets has been added.
  • 'News -1' now works to show the latest news post.
  • The name of Vanessa Haines has been changed to Vanessa Haynes.
  • Flare guns have been modified slightly. When you signal with the flare you will now have a chance of attracting survivors who will come to your aid (provided you are in combat), but alternatively there is now a small chance you may attract even more zombies to your location.
  • When you pray to Maestro there is currently a chance for him to refuse your request, but now he may decide to offer you a flare gun. Or not. It's really up to him.
  • When you die you will now be informed of how long you survived since your last death.
  • A new syntax of the radio allows you to choose how many lines to display in a history - this defaults to 20.
  • Epitaph is about to become a CROSS-MEDIA product. Chats added to several NPCs to recognise that. More news to follow on the Textual Intercourse blog.
  • The 'quote' command now has an additional 'list' syntax which gives access to the player quote list.
  • Donating at faction boxes will no longer award trickle reputation.


  • A new NPC has been added to the Casino - he calls himself the Grim Reaper. He's the interface to the new tontine system.
  • Players can now create a tontine by visiting the Grim Reaper. A tontine is a cash pot into which multiple players can feed in. The full pot, minus a 10% commission, is awarded to the last person in the tontine to die.
  • Inactive players are timed out of tontines when their account is marked as inactive.
  • Winning a tontine will give you a chunk of XP equal to 10% of the kill XP you earn while it is running.

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