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Patch Notes: 1.0.19

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The School Of Hard Knocks

August 4, 2014

Bug Fixes

  • Various small bug and typo fixes.
  • Several existing food items have found their way into packaging, which means they should no longer decay if left unopened.
  • Food issues related to decaying should be fixed. Should be.
  • The philanthropist achievement now correctly works on earned rep rather than donated value of goods.
  • The war profiteer achievement should once again be working.


  • The University faction now teaches mental.knowledge.teaching instead of mental.medical.psychology.
  • Clan permissions are now alphabeticized in the 'clan' command.
  • Looking at the landmine map in the barracks will now show how many mines have to be found on the selected map.
  • When an identify favour is requested from a faction NPC, they will now tell you if they found anything interested.
  • Wounds will not be applied now if your character is still young enough to get no penalty prayers to Maestro.


  • A new teaching system has been introduced. It works on the basis of a teacher with the new 'teach' command buffing an audience for increased TM chances within a root skill.
  • A new skill has been added - mental.knowledge.teaching. This skill is used when you try to teach audiences - the bigger the audience, the harder the skillcheck. The better you pass the check, the more likely you are to successfully teach.
  • If you successfully manage to teach, each person you taught gets a 'learning' buff that increases their TM chance in the skill category you taught. Each person can only be learning in one catagory at a time.
  • For each person you successfully teach, you get an XP bonus - the bonus depends on how well you taught, and how many people at a time.
  • Every so often, teaching may result in you being awarded a random level in a skill from the category you were teaching, as a 'flash of insight'.
  • A new knack, 'pedagogically sound' increases the chance that your teaching will have an impact.
  • A new knack, 'lasting lessons', increases the duration of your teaching.
  • A new knack, 'active learning', makes you easier to teach.


  • The website now has a switch user option on the main page.
  • When logged into secured sections of the website, you'll now be shown under which account you're logged in.

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