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Patch Notes: 1.0.20

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The Greatest Show On Earth

October 3, 2014


  • There is no longer any reduction death XP when you outlevel an opponent. XP will be granted always.
  • As a consequence of the patch note above, the cost of skills has been slightly increased.
  • Reputation needed to reach the extreme of faction standing has been reduced.

Bug Fixes

  • Various small bug and typo fixes.
  • Reloading weapons will now once again give a message.Raiders will no longer have a random faction.
  • Achievement categories should now be awarded properly.
  • Achievement progress in quests should now be recorded properly.
  • The cost of using 'advance to' is now correctly calculated.
  • Storeroom door alarms now have a difficulty commensurate with the faction level.
  • It's no longer possible 'roll' while you are pinned or while you're being pinned.
  • The description of several crafting schematics has been changed to properly indicate the victory condition, which is based on the difficulty of the applied schematic rather than the item created.
  • Salvaging an item on which a corpse is lying will now cause that corpse to slump to the floor.


  • The Carnival of Undead Wonders has been added. It is accessible from Mulder Street in Dunglen City.
  • New faction: Dark Carnival.
  • New Quests and Achievements.
  • New NPCs.
  • New profession (with its prestige upgrades): Carny, Carnival Showman, Carnival Con Man.
  • Carnival sideshow games (with helpfiles)
  • New array of items and schematics.


  • Small battery packets have been added to the loot tables. These packets contain up to four small batteries.
  • The parsing of money has been improved a little, and money has been given a long description.
  • 'cost all' at a trainer will now show you how much money and XP you have available.
  • Crafted torches can now be activated with the 'light' command.
  • The Tontine system now has a helpfile associated with him.
  • Deactivate now gives an XP award when used successfully.
  • The 'treat' command now works to deal with digestion troubles, but it requires a new kind of medicine - atropines, which are scavanged from the usual places for medicine.
  • A new bar has been added to Chaplin Street in southern Dunglen.
  • A new power type has been added: propane.
  • Propane cylinders are now seeded around the game.
  • The camp stove is now powered by a propane cylinder, changed from petrol.
  • Boss levels have been adjusted. This doesn't mean bosses will automatically be soloable, but they should now be a bit easier than before. NB: Bosses are still very difficult, and designed around group activities. Boss tweaking will be on-going.

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