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Patch Notes: 1.0.21

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November 30, 2014

Bug Fixes

  • Various small bug and typo fixes.
  • When encountering Kirkmohr Castle through exploring, you'll now end up at the outside path rather than the gates.
  • It is no longer possible to climb an obstacle while prone.
  • Shops should no longer tell you an item costs too much if you have exactly the right amount in your wallet.
  • The combat_response and combat_attitude monitor options should now control the correct things.
  • Some more money parsing fixes.
  • The energy costs for attacking and defending in offensive/defensive stances have been fixed.
  • Assist will no longer work on targets that are pinned.
  • The 'alternative medicine' quest has been temporarily removed from Bill until it can be recoded.
  • Items powered with propane will now take propane cylinders as intended.
  • Crowdfunding tubes should properly generate and then expire projects in the intended manner.
  • Bosses should now spawn loot, as intended.
  • The Dead Summer Days achievement should now properly record progress.
  • The 'teach' command is now available to buy. Whoops.
  • The 'elderly' adjective is now 'frail', to stop such weirdnesses as elderly children.


  • Two new tiers of raider NPC have been added - bandits, which are relatively low level and will spawn in the north of the city, and 'harriers' who are relatively high level and will spawn in the more dangerous parts of the game.
  • The 'sayto' and 'whisper' commands now functions on NPCs the same way as the 'ask' command.
  • Complex repairs now have a slightly more complicated set of requirements. You must use an item for repairs that is at least half the quality of the target item. For example, if you are repairing a rifle of average quality, you must repair it with an item of at least.'bad' quality'
  • A new knack, 'jury rig', has been added - each stack of this allows you to use one level of lower quality item in complex repairs. If you previously needed at least a 'bad' item, one stack will allow you to use 'very bad', and two stacks will allow you t use 'extremely bad' and so on.
  • NPCs will no longer consume their ammo when they reload a gun - the effect of this will be to make NPCs with ranged weapons more interesting for longer, since they'll have ammo for their day to day apocalypsing. However, if an NPC has no ammo in its inventory it will no longer be able to reload its gun, ensuring you can still render an opponent with a gun less dangerous by stealing its stash.
  • Over forty new answerphone messages added.
  • The date a patch was applied is now visible when checking out the patch notes. This is manually added, so historically it's based on slightly incomplete data, but should be correct in most cases.
  • A new knack has been added - 'runty'. Every stack gives you a 2% chance to avoid being blocked when you take an exit.
  • To deal with the new mass of items available in the game, some changes have been made to the scavenge system. Previously, scavenge profiles built themselves up through dependencies, so that 'clothes' might be made up of 'mens clothes' and 'womens clothes', and 'womens clothes' in turn might be made up of 'womens shoes', 'womens gloves' and so on. The result was a massive mapping of all the items that a scavenge profile would contain. Now, it works a little bit differently - it basically recurses through all the parents and picks an item from each individual profile. Now, you don't need to worry about what this actually means, but it does mean that the core system of scavenging has been altered a fair bit and strangeness might occur as a result. However, it also means that the fact there may be 10,000 pieces of clothing and one weapon doesn't mean you'll only find a weapon one in every ten thousand times.
  • Level draining should now be a bit less brutal than before.
  • Drained skills will now have a (-) beside them in your skills display. You can see your max previous level achieved using 'skills description'
  • Skills which have been level drained will now TM quicker, back up to their original value. This will only be true though of levels drained after this patch is applied.
  • The assist command now adjusts loyalty based on the target.
  • If you are a member of a group, group members count as 'people like me' with regards to loyalty modifiers.
  • A help-file for 'hike' has been added.
  • The code for the 'feign' command has been changed a little to make it less obvious when someone or something is playing silly buggers.
  • After having completed the quest 'You Need Your Head Examined', you can 'request' hypnotherapy from Zombardo to speed up your access to your profession and origin dreams.
  • Powered items should now tell you when you look at them if they're activated or deactivated.


  • Over 13,500 new clothes added, in various combinations of styles, forms, and variations. For context, we previously had a touch under 250.
  • Over 350 new food objects in various combinations of quality, size and flavours.
  • Over 210 new armours added, across various categories and qualities. This about triples the number of armours available in the game, booyah.
  • 110 new ranged weapons have been added, across various categories and qualities - around a sixfold increase.
  • Around twenty new melee weapons added, across various categories.
  • Around ten new materials added.
  • Boxes of bullets have been added - low calibre and high calibre.
  • 16 new armour sets have been added, incorporating the new armours added in this patch.
  • 11 new laptops added, covering all levels of quality.
  • 11 new brands of camera added, covering all levels of quality.
  • 11 new brands of camcorder added, covering all levels of quality.
  • 11 new brands of mobile phone, covering all levels of quality.


  • A new faction has been added - the Regulators. You can see Regulator Hollis if you want to put a bounty on another player. If someone who is loved by a faction kills that player, they'll get some money, XP and faction rep as a result. Everyone else just gets faction rep.
  • The Regulators live in Regulator Hall, which you can find through the exploration system.
  • See Regulator Hollis to place bounties, collect the rewards, and receive faction training.
  • One regulator will spawn in Dunglen at a time. If you have a bounty on you, they will attack on sight.
  • NPC factions will also place bounties out on you for transgressions - assuming they have the money to spare, and your crimes managed to upset one of them sufficiently.
  • A new maestro event - 'regulator justice' has been added. It'll spawn a pack of regulators to deal with you if you have an open bounty of sufficient value.


  • When using a browser that supports HTML5, achievements will now show a visible progress bar when you browse them.

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