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Patch Notes: 1.1.02

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Slouching Towards Playability

June 2, 2015


  • The difficulty of swift zombies has been knocked down a notch.
  • The effect that skills have on available command and knack points has been increased.
  • The damage that stomp does has been increased.
  • You now get one command and knack point for every faction mission you complete, up to a cap of 100 per faction. Unfortunately, this isn't retroactive.
  • The amount of money, XP or rep you can be given for a login gift has increased.
  • The max number of levels that a faction will teach for each tier has increased.
  • While in a faction area, the decay rate for hunger and thirst has been changed to 75/50/25% for like/admired/exalted. However, to compensate for this, you will regen stamina and energy at 125/150/175% for stamina and energy.
  • XP rewards have been increased a little.
  • For every day of age your character (not your account) has, up to a maximum of 100, you'll get 2.5 command and knack points
  • All factions now give the same XP for missions, regardless of their 'base difficulty'. For most, these means a boost to the amount of XP they give out.
  • The haggle command now gives you some XP for success.
  • Non-canned food (fruit and the like) now has a higher value than canned food. It also might give a bonus mercurial when eaten.
  • The minimum time between TMS of a skill has been decreased a bit. The chance of continuous TMs has also been increased.

Bug Fixes

  • Various small bug and typo fixes.
  • Refer once again shows nationality.
  • The distill command should now be working properly once again.
  • Maestro events will no longer be triggered in Alphabet Street gardens.
  • Doctors will no longer runtime on costing 'scared to live' treatment.
  • Schematics requiring a 'rivet' now require a 'metal rivet' to make them consistent with past schematics.
  • Safes have until now been providing double content - they won't any more.
  • Ctochless schematics are now crotchless.
  • NPCs will no longer go to sleep outside if they have a choice about it.
  • The 'nobody does it better' achievement now checks for 'card' licker' rather than 'card collector'.
  • Mobile phones will now show the correct time.
  • The tinkerer has been changed over to the new rep code, so that he will now turn 100% rep into a highest level equipment enhancement once more.
  • When awarding a 'good word' favour, factions with which you have 100% rep are now excluded from candidates.
  • Armour piercing special ammo should now fire correctly.
  • Ejecting batteries from powered items will now give you the proper type back - if you put in an expensive battery, it'll give you an expensive battery back. However, this won't work for batteries you've inserted before this patch is applied.
  • Provided you still have the summoning object somewhere loaded in the game, quitting will now automatically save your companion.
  • When deleting a bug reply through the web interface, the bug details will now be properly displayed in the usual style.


  • Dunglen Radio have been added as a faction in northern Dunglen.
  • The Calgacus Courier Service have been added as a new faction in northern Dunglen, with a headquarters on Abbey Road.


  • Shops now have ledgers, which you can 'tamper' with to temporarily increase or decrease demand for commodities.
  • If interrupted in an action, there's a rep penalty that comes with that now.
  • The chance of finding resources with surveying now increases the longer it's been since something was found in the room.
  • If you search in post offices, you'll now sometimes find letters and packages you can deliver.
  • A new quest has been added.
  • Some more post offices have been added here and there.
  • A new prestige command has been added - 'improve'. You can use it to increase the quality of items you have, provided you don't mind taking a bit of a risk on the components.
  • Safes which spawn as room furniture will now sometimes be concealed.
  • A small new area has been added south of the play park on Dunglen.
  • A new quest has been added to Alphabet Street.
  • A memorial for Terry Pratchett has been added off of Pratchett Street. So long Terry.
  • A bank has been added to the back room of the Winchester. Be warned though - the terms aren't great.
  • Stock modifiers for items in shops are now more significant, and applied more generally.
  • A wider range of furniture will now be found in houses. We've now got over 1000 of these. This isn't just set dressing - eventually these will all be usable in the Stronghold sytsem.
  • Furnitures that spawn in houses will now have materials that are a little more appropriate for the wealth level of the surrounding street.
  • The classrooms in the high school and the university will now spawn salvageable furniture.
  • Post boxes are now safes, and contain letters and packages.
  • More post boxes have been seeded through the city.
  • Barricade is now skill checked, and can TM.
  • Breach is now skill checked, and can TM.
  • A new postal system has been added, with drop-boxes accessible at various locations in the game. You need a courier token to be able to send a parcel, but then you can send it to any supported drop-box in the game.
  • Several new quests have been added to the new Couriers faction.
  • XP is now awarded for negotiating a blackmail dossier trade with an NPC, or giving it to the blackmail target.
  • The demand for goods in faction shops will now vary as time goes by, but never beyond a certain distance of the 'base' demand.
  • NPCs are now 'leashed' when you lure them. This means that they'll return back to their original room after a certain amount of time. ATM any intelligent NPC (those that can speak) are leashed, but other leashes may be added around special NPCs as required.
  • NPCs marked as vermin (rats, mice, most insects) can now be valid targets for 'stomp' even if they're not prone.
  • Vandalising items, throwing around vending machines, and crush cans now have ph.co.fo checks associated, and can TM.
  • The headbutt command has been added to the command giver - you should now get this when you have advanced your skills to the appropriate level.
  • Water purification tables have been added to some of the scavenge tables. You can use these to 'purify' tainted sources of water.
  • Salving the cars in the car park will now sometimes give you loose electronics, radio innards, and/or large batteries.
  • Living NPCs will now sometimes spawn with backpacks containing random things.
  • Living NPCs now will offer to sell you items they aren't actively using - you can 'list' what they have and make an attempt to 'buy' specific items, but the amount they will accept is something you'll need to work out for yourself. This is considered positive for the order alignment vectors, and negative for the violence vector.
  • The haggle command now lets you make an attempt to haggle with survivors for slightly better prices.
  • The defined values of many wood and cloth materials has changed.
  • Some materials, such as brass, vinyl and the like, will not be used for random setup of objects.
  • One of the houses on Rowling has been removed, since it made the map almost impossible to follow.
  • Vango is now allied to the Winchester faction.
  • Forrester Academy now has windows permitting access to natural light.
  • When supply crates have been emptied, they'll now destroy themselves and tidy the game up a bit.
  • Regulator faction tokens are now wearable. You might need a new one for that to be true - hell, I don't know. Have you any idea how much code we have? I have no idea how any of it works.
  • If you are trapped in a room with no exits (as sometimes happens when they break), pray will be free.
  • The tartan army is now classed as a nearby faction withing Dunglen University.
  • Falling will now knock you prone for a bit.
  • The commands associated with the 'carny' profession tree have been adjusted a bit.
  • Tungsten carbide as a material has been altered to have a higher chance of taking damage. A replacement 'tungsten alloy' takes the place in terms of hardness and damageability of what carbide once had.
  • Installing ranged weapon upgrades now uses me.an.ra rather than me.an.me.
  • It is now possible to use the scales in Morrison Hotel to precisely weigh items, up to a limit of 10KG.


  • Valueing items at a shop will now tell you how much rep you'd get for donating.
  • When attempting to use a command that you don't have but need to buy, the syntax message will inform you of that fact.
  • A new 'knack points' syntax will show you where your knack points have come from and what your current balance is.
  • A new 'command points' syntax will show you where your command points have come from and what your current balance is.
  • The message that comes with a breaking item has now been changed to be material specific - cloth will rip, wood will splinter, etc.
  • Each of the gathering commands now has an 'assess' syntax that gives you an approximate time since the last time the room was 'touched', for resource likliehood purposes.
  • The number of items a shopkeeper can deal with at once has been increased from 8 to 20.
  • The faction command shows the number of command-point valid missions that you have completed for each faction.
  • The wellbeing command is now well_being rather than wellb_eing, meaning that you can now use it with the 'well' shorthand.
  • The wellbeing command now shows pluses and minuses rather than (confusing) numbers when one is being healed or damaged.
  • There is now a 'It begins to rain/sleet/snow' inform when that weather state changes.
  • When you are receiving the benefits of faction standing within a faction room, it will now be displayed via the buffs command.
  • 'evaluate here' now has a neater output, and shows faction proximity and ownership.
  • The 'repair' command has been made a little less spammy for onlookers.
  • The winchester barricade mission now indicates that you can barricade directly with furniture, without having to go through the intermediate step of salvaging it.
  • 'You find yourself better off' messages will now be collated if multiple ones would have been displayed.
  • There is a new 'money-award' category for colours.
  • A helpfile for refresh has been added.
  • Mood is now exposed as an MXP entity for those who know what to do with it.
  • You can now simply 'deposit money' at a banker to dump all of your cash into the appropriate bank.
  • The argue command will no longer show you the debating stats if you are not actively in an argument.


  • The new knack 'kung fu fighting' will reduce the cooldown of kick, punch and trip by 1s each stack.
  • The new knack 'shadow warrior' will reduce the ongoing cost of physical stealth forms (hide and sneak) by 10% per stack.
  • The new knack 'aegis' reduces the energy cost of base defence actions by one per stack, down to a minimum of one per defence.
  • The new knack 'bloodlst' reduces the energy cost of base attack actions by one per stack, down to a minimum of one per attack.


  • A negative mood will now be applied if you wander around with shoes.
  • Blowing smoke from a cigarette, or stubbing it out on someone, now inflicts a negative mercurial.
  • Feeding a hungry animal now gives a positive mercurial.
  • The mercurials applied by zombie moans have been changed - you can no longer get positive moods from this, but the negative moods you get will only gradually intensify.


  • A mission has been added to provide medical supplies to a faction.
  • A mission has been added with those for the bandage command.
  • A mission has been added for tampering with shop ledgers.
  • A mission has been added for finding and delivering mail to people.
  • A mission has been added to locate mementos in houses and give them to the people who should have them.
  • A mission has been added to make minor repairs to faction rooms - 'evaluate here' will show you what needs to be repaired.
  • When you abandon a mission, it will be put on the same mission cooldown timer as if you succeed it - you won't be offered it again for a while.
  • The number of zombies to be killed for the Tartan Army missions has been decreased.

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