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Patch Notes: 1.1.03

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The Village Green Post Apocalyptic Society

July 1, 2015


  • The village of Blackcairn has been added to the game. It is available via exploration.
  • The village comes with a new faction - the Bad Wolff Brotherhood.
  • This is a moderate faction in opposition to the regulators. Those who have regulator standing already will be given a chance to reset it if they want, so as to not disadvantage them with the Bad Wolff faction.
  • Four quests have been added around the village.

Bug Fixes

  • Various small bug and typo fixes.
  • Evaluating a room can no longer be done in the dark.
  • The mission impossible goal should now progress properly.
  • The scaling of unarmed damage has been fixed so it's properly applied when skills are advanced. On the upside, this means that you'll do more unarmed damage the higher your skills are. On the downside, so will your enemies.
  • Objects should no longer clone with $material$ in their short, but please re-report if that's not true - it's really difficult to reproduce this consistently 'in the wild'.
  • Whisky can once again be used as an explosive, for molotov cocktails.
  • You'll no longer be told how sexy dying babies and children are when you evaluate them.
  • The resolve difficulty modifier is now properly negative when your mood is low.
  • Toy batteries can once again be used to charge the Toyasaurus flashlight you get in your newbie kit.
  • Upon refreshing, you will now get a couple of bottles of baby formula to match what you'd get in the newbie tutorial.
  • Faction wellbeing decay bonuses should now be applied correctly.
  • Grandfather Game will now properly behave as a favour granter.
  • The 'value here' at shops command should now show the correct amount of reputation available for donations.
  • Buying a command for a pet will no longer result in no more commands buying possible to train.
  • When using the 'all' setting for splitting loot will no longer result in you splitting cash when you move it around your own inventory.
  • When using the 'all' setting for splitting loot, you'll no longer fail to be given any money under certain circumstances.


  • The 'handout' favour now draws from a general pool of items, rather than being set per faction. This means it should be generally useful rather than dependant on which faction. There is a high degree of randomness as to what you get, but it draws from a reasonably good pool of profiles.
  • After a shop has noticed someone tinkering with safes or storerooms, a temporary (and incrementing) increase in the difficulty of all future theft is applied. Evaluating a faction room will let you know when there's a state of heightened alert, but not how much it's been heightened.
  • The cost of faction favours has been increased.
  • Chalkboards have been added to Regulator Hall.
  • XP awarded for crafting is now the average of the difficulty of the schematic and the difficulty of working with the materials - this means more XP when working with complex materials, less when working with easier.
  • Guns now degrade in condition when they're fired.
  • The damage inflicted on breakable items has been increased.
  • Faction good demands are now randomised when the faction is set up - this should add a little bit of spice and variety to shopping at your neighbourhood faction.
  • For those finding it difficult to avoid gaining reputation with factions they'd rather remain as enemies, it's now possible through the 'options game faction_rep' menu to switch off positive rep gain for any factions you like. I'll be honest, I hate doing this via options and would rather handle it through some in-game means, but this'll do until I think of a good way to do that.
  • When attempting to eat food or take pills during combat, there's now a good chance it'll be knocked out of your hand by the battle.
  • The new knack 'sleep anywhere' will allow you to sleep in rooms where it's otherwise too noisy.
  • The Tartan Army is now a nearby faction on Thunder Road, which means you'll get rep for kills there.
  • Reparing items in rooms will now count towards both the general repairing mission, and the 'repair our rooms' mission.
  • A little bit more money is now available on the NPCs you kill.
  • Throwing a lit (lightable) torch at a zombie now has a chance of setting it on fire.


  • Goals have been reworked - those that aren't marked as special (such as the newbie tutorial goals) can now be achieved at any time. The list of these can now be obtained with 'goals all'.
  • In light of the above, goals now do not refresh your wellbeing when achieved.
  • Each goal you achieve will now give you a command and knack point, up to a total of 100 per category of goal.
  • Some more goals have been added.


  • When being presented with the 'see "syntax whatever" message, it will now be an MXP link if you have MXP enabled.
  • On completing a goal, you will now be informed of it's name, not just the XP reward.
  • Using the 'description' option of the 'skills' command will now tell you what factions teach the skill, and to what level.
  • Aliases, adjectives and shorts for bottles have been improved, so they show what they contain and can be refered to by not just their contents (as in, 'buy water') but also by 'buy bottle of water' or 'sell whisky bottle', and so on.
  • 'Cash' is now an alias of money.
  • A search facility has been added to the 'memory' command.
  • Adjectives are now applied to items with randomly generated shorts.
  • The 'assess' syntax now shows more information about what it's looking at.

Stash System

  • A new stash command has been added (although it must be purchased). This allows you to stash items around the world wherever you like, in the manner of a very insecure, unreliable vault.
  • Stashes are insecure - if people search in the room where you've stashed something, there's a skill-checked chance that they'll find it.
  • The 'recover' command, if you have bought the stash command, will allow you to recover your stashes. You can also use the 'stash recover' syntax.


  • Added a few links to the links page on the website.

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