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Patch Notes: 1.1.04

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Encyclopedia Apocalyptica

August 2, 2015

Bug Fixes

  • Various small bug and typo fixes.
  • The way in which money is parsed has been changed a little, preventing syntaxes such as 'get $0.02&$0.02' from working. It'll now calculate the total you've indicated this way, and sum it up before making the attempt.
  • Ice is no longer drinkable.
  • Checking to see if an item is a suitable tool for gathering is now based on name, rather that adjectives. That means that books such as 'That's Not A Knife' will no longer work as the check for the butcher command.
  • Smashed vending machines will no longer refuse to give you anything if they had something inside.
  • Giving Ellen Getty a letter addressed to her will trigger the specific letter delivery code, rather than the 'accept any letter' code.
  • You should no longer be told you don't have the skill when attempting to access your mail from an internet enabled device.
  • Probing, picking or attempting to open an instance door will now yield appropriate messages.
  • Containers should no longer spawn saying they are 'empty' before being filled with their contents.
  • Barbeque skewers now properly do piercing rather than slashing damage.
  • Frank Wolff has been changed to offer 'butchering' rather than 'butcher'.
  • The tinkerer and Diane will now accept letters addressed to them.
  • Deactivating alarms will no longer award you double XP.
  • You no longer be prevented from eating in combat if your attacker is on the opposite side of an obstacle.
  • Suppressing rep gain should now work correctly.


  • A new system has been implemented: Codex. You can use the 'codex' command to access it.
  • You'll now be able to find special codex items in the game (usually by searching)that you can use to 'unlock' entries in the codex system. Entries can have several unlocks, each one revealing more of the story of that codex.
  • In addition to finding items, you'll be able to butcher certain body parts off corpses to use in certain codex entries.
  • Each entry is part of a larger 'collection'. If you unlock all the entries, you will unlock its collection, earning xp, titles, and reputation (depends on the collection).
  • As with all other Epitaph features, this one will grow and expand with time.


  • Drinking blood will now trigger the nausea effect.
  • If you are afflicted by nauesea, you will no longer be able to eat.
  • Broken electrical equipment found in rooms will now sometimes yield loose electronics and computer innards.
  • The chance of safes and postboxes resetting their contents per reset has been reduced.
  • A 'large battery' schematic has been added, requiring four small batteries.
  • The items that Jenny Bethlehem will ask for for a faction mission have changed - if you're still on one of the missions to find her a sealed envelope or postal package, you might want to abandon it.
  • Scavenge tables have been added to the university offices and faction storerooms.
  • The legacy resolve knacks have been removed, and the rallied/disheartened battlecry knacks converted over to the mood system.
  • The cooldown of 'palm' has been reduced to 5 seconds.
  • Scavenge tables in Silent Hollow and Braellen have been updated; you may now find loot in places that you previously couldn't.


  • A brief/verbose setting called 'get' has been introduced - it'll cut down on the spam that come along with manipulating more than 20 items via get or put.
  • An occasional inform is now generated when you do not gain rep due to a suppression of rep gain with a faction.
  • Bones will now spawn as white or grey, and show their colour in their short and long.


  • The terms to which players must agree upon creating their characters on Epitaph has changed a little to indicate assumed consent for research participation. All characters logging on after this patch will likewise be assumed to be consenting to their data potentially being used for research projects. Those who wish to opt out of this can do so through the 'options' menu.
  • See 'help research policy' for more details.


  • The web finger info now shows the full whois lines, rather than abridged ones.

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