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Patch Notes: 1.2.00

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Shelter From The Storm

November 30, 2015


  • The calculation for determining quest level has been adjusted a little. This should mean all quests are worth more QP than before.
  • Heal commands and treat commands now award XP when performed.
  • The damage required for the Battlemaster goal has been significantly increased.
  • The cooldown for the 'throw' command has been reduced from 30s to 10s.
  • The Dragoons will no longer ask for so many guns as part of their missions.

Bug Fixes

  • Various small bug and typo fixes.
  • Fixed a bug that was causing certain resource nodes (plants) not to spawn. This mostly affected exploration zones (e.g. the cornfield in Braellen).
  • The 'windbag' stack has made its way back into the game, after the data file had been overwritten by some idiot.
  • The 'read' command will no longer prevent you from reading things that are on surfaces in your room.
  • A bug with mercurial apply messages has been fixed, ensuring they go to the right person now.
  • Vessels will now use the properly capitalized names of liquids.
  • Novels will no longer runtime when being read for the first time.
  • Zombies will no longer spawn in the university safe rooms.
  • Doctors will now properly treat 'scared to live' once again.
  • NPCs will now properly dispose of mission items when they are given to them.
  • Skinning knives will now behave like, well, skinning knives.
  • Memento items will now hold their setups over logins.
  • Blackcairn is no longer a nudist colony.
  • The Time to Mend achievement should now progress properly.
  • Doing a special repair will now properly consume the item you're using for repair.
  • The goals helpfile has been updated to reflect the new system.
  • The parsing of carnival tokens has been tweaked so that they will no longer always conflict with other tokens in the game.
  • Dying will now clear you of any pins that have been applied.
  • Crafted boots should now behave like boots.
  • Achievements will now be granted properly once more.


  • XP earned by your clan is now split into two categories - the 'bank', which is officially 'clan XP' and 'the buffer', which will increase to a certain point and then split between the bank and all clan members.
  • The clan now allows you to set how much earned XP should go to members, and how much of a share each member should get when it is shared. All that is left over goes to the bank.
  • XP in the clan bank can now be awarded to other players, including those outside your clan. If they are not currently logged on, it'll be awarded at the next time they are and the clan handler ticks. If they are online, it is awarded instantly.
  • If XP hasn't yet been awarded to other players, you can remove it from the roster if you have the appropriate clan permissions.
  • Clan points have been removed as a currency for buying clan enhancements.
  • Clan achievements now grant clan XP.
  • Clan XP is now the currency used to purchase bonuses, not clan points.
  • It's no longer possible to lose clan achievements when you drop beneath the criteria for it - you keep them, and the XP they rewarded, regardless.


  • Mental.knowledge.engineering has been added as a new skill.
  • The Iron Farmer's have had their HQ connected via a physical road to the village of Braellen (accessed north of Primrose). This means the faction will no longer be accessed by an independent exploration zone. This should address a few issues regarding missions and quests that were previously almost impossible to complete, and to help ease the transition between the two zones. Stan's caravan remains secluded.
  • Knife scabbards are now belts rather than sashes, so should no longer prevent wearing a second bag.
  • It is no longer possible to salvage food.
  • The way in which general containers respond to 'empty' and 'full' adjectives has been changed to be more obviously intuitive - now, 'empty' refers to a container which has nothing in it (you know, like a human might expect) and 'full' refers to a container that is 90% of its maximum capacity.
  • General shops will now occasionally sell enhanced items.
  • Enhanced items now have a higher value than non-enhanced items.
  • Enhanced items now come with an (enhanced) tag as part of their short description.
  • 'enhanced' and 'upgraded' are now adjectives for enhanced items.
  • It's now possible to repair breakable objects in the game. If you wanted to.
  • Novels are no longer bespoke, they're randomly generated in the same way that movie covers are. This means a much greater range of them in the game, which will be useful for the strongholds.
  • Novels can now be scavenged from a wider range of places.
  • Emptying a bottle in a room with a fire will now either reduce, or increase, the strength of the blaze depending on what you pour.
  • A critical or exceptional success in using probe will now tell you the code for the target, if it has one.
  • It's now possible to choose 'transexual' as a gender whe you create a character. This will then give you a set of gender neutral pronouns based on those used within Alice in Wonderland. I will be open to implementing other preferences if a better set can be proposed. Much of our gender based code assumes a binary gender split, so please report any time these aren't honoured so they can be fixed.
  • Finger now shows your clan membership.
  • There is now an 'auto' option for crack. It makes a skill check at two levels higher than the lock difficulty, but if it succeeds it will automatically crack the safe without going through the standard minigame. It awards you only half the XP.
  • There is now an 'auto' option for hack. It makes a skill check at two levels higher than the computer difficulty, but if it succeeds it will automatically crack the safe without going through the standard minigame. It awards you only half the XP.
  • Hacking now triggers the standard interruption if you try to do it in front of witnesses.
  • More passive objects in the game will now work for barricading.
  • The speed at which new mercurial moods tick has been slowed down, so that your characters should seem a bit less erratic. This doesn't change the speed at which new mercurials are added based on context.
  • The 'evaluate' command will now show points of entry within a building. If there are no points of entry, NPCs cannot spawn within the inside rooms. Outside rooms always count as a point of entry.
  • If NPCs have loaded sidearms, they should now switch to these when their primary weapon is out of ammo.
  • Archie the Lion will no longer have a randomly assigned faction.
  • Those moral codes that previously refered to resolve have now had different effects applied as per the new mood system.
  • Skipping the newbie area will now give you the newbie area achievement regardless. As will refreshing your character.
  • It's no longer possible to refresh in the newbie area.
  • When failing to tamper a ledger, you'll now get a more meaningful message indicating your laughable results.
  • The room on fire effect has been tweaked so as to limit their power and also the likliehood that they spread to adjacent rooms - they need to have enough power now to spread, and will die out quicker. This makes it less likely, I hope, that I will log into the live game and find the whole city is on fire forever.


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