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Patch Notes: 1.2.01

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Settling In

December 6, 2015


  • 'Visibility' is no longer a factor in generating combat difficulty, since it doesn't make a lot of sense to take that *and* local light levels into account.
  • The difficulty of installing furniture has been halved.
  • Bad Wolff is now a moderate faction, as intended.

Bug Fixes

  • Various small bug and typo fixes.
  • Missing periods at the end of many descriptions are now fixed at the root.
  • Exploration will work once again.
  • Bandage runtimes have been fixed.
  • Vaults will once again load their contents.
  • Greenhouses in generated houses will once again generate their proper long descriptions.
  • The setup code for residential media rooms has been fixed.
  • Stronghold mission descriptions will now show the time in seconds, rather than reset ticks.
  • The 'empty' and 'bottle of X' descriptors will now properly apply when pluralized.
  • Safes will once again spawn contents.
  • Equipment in unclaimed rooms and inventory will show the proper long description.


  • The 'time since gather' counter now works based on the last success rather than the last *attempt*.
  • The 'clan' and 'clans' helpfiles have been merged.
  • 'Drink' is now an alias for vessels which contain potable contents.
  • Military armoured leggings will now also protect the abdomen as well as the legs.
  • Unclaiming the last of your stronghold rooms will now delete your stronghold at the next reset tick.

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