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Patch Notes: 1.2.02

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December 31, 2015

Bug Fixes

  • Various small bug and typo fixes.
  • Dropboxes will no longer over-eval when you enter the room.
  • Combat special executions will now display properly when using brief combat.
  • Stronghold NPCs will only behave in accordance with their aggression orders while in claimed rooms.
  • Salvaging carpets and wallpapers will now properly remove them from stronghold descriptions.
  • Purchasing favours will no longer trigger a trickle rep gain in enemy factions.
  • Schematic books which stopped being created will now create properly again. I'm not 100% sure if this will work for schematic books currently in your inventory, but we'll see.
  • Christmas trees will no longer runtime if you try to remove a present when none are there.
  • Sleeping pills will now work correctly with the 'the cold white light' codex entry.
  • Certain furnitures will no longer runtime when sold to a storeroom.
  • SUing will no longer cause cooldowns to reset.
  • Some issues with clan permissions have been fixed.
  • Considering stronghold trainers will no longer trigger a runtime.
  • Culture skills should now TM properly.
  • Some issues with weights not calculating properly when materials are applied have been fixed.
  • Shops will actually show up when you create them now.
  • NPCs that are following you should no longer wander off by themselves.
  • Unclaiming a room will also remove your stronghold shop if it's there.
  • Cracking a safe that you have dropped in a faction area should no longer trigger rep loss.
  • The 'you survived in the apocalypse' message should actually be accurate now.
  • Deactivating an alarm that you yourself armed will no longer award XP or mission progress.
  • An issue with calculating numbers of given objects for missions has been fixed.
  • When ejecting a clip from a ranged weapon, it will now be moved to your environment if you have no more carrying capacity.
  • Attempting to repair using an add_item will no longer cause 'repair' to runtime.
  • The goal 'epicurian' will now record progress.
  • The goal 'broken windows theory' will now record progress
  • The 'switch user' link on the homepage should now work correctly. Probably - look, maybe. We'll see.
  • The 'you are logged in as' value on the webpage might now correctly show who's logged in. Perhaps. Jesus, I don't know - leave me alone. YOU'RE NOT MY SUPERVISOR!!!!
  • The mercurial mood lift that co mes from cremation is now only awarded when burying a human corpse.
  • The 'it' keyword should work a little more consistently now.
  • An issue with the meditation board in the Kirkmohr Castle barracks has been fixed.
  • The feint command, which I thought was available, has been made available to buy.


  • Due to issues of lag, it's no longer possible to cost beyond what a faction can teach. It is also no longer possible to cost more than 5 valid skills at once.
  • It's now possible to 'trash' supplies from your stronghold chest, removing them permanently from your inventory. This has a clan permission to go with it.
  • To counteract the fact that furniture no longer respawns in rooms, there is a 'log bin' in the Cat Lady's yard on Alphabet Street. This will allow anyone still marked as a newbie (check 'benefits' to see if you qualify) to 'collect' wooden scraps for the barricade mission. However, it's limited to 10 per person per reset period, so you'll still need to acquire multiple sources of wood if you want to do the mission often.
  • Stronghold supply chests will now occasionally spawn for scavenge in garages and sheds.
  • The 'evaluate' command will now give you some information about the effectiveness of stronghold equipment.
  • Zombie hikers will now have some random camping equipment in a backpack.
  • Regulator Hall has had light applied to all its inside rooms.
  • 'Strongholds' now shows your max number of trade agreements, and 'stronghold agreements' will show you who you have agreements with, and their strength.
  • The evaluate command will now show when powered items must be charged from strongohld electricity rather than batteries.
  • The Caledonians will now dump you on Morrissey Avenue rather than in their own property if they should execute you on the way in.
  • When being told a name is invalid, you'll now be given the reasons. If that's not honoured at any place in the game, please report so the validation routines can be updated.
  • The skill checks associated with throwing have been altered somewhat - it's been made a little easier, and also you will now only drop stuff at your feet in the event of a critical failure, not almost any failure.
  • The goal 'broken windows theory' has had its requirements increased, in light of many more kinds of breakable items making their way into the game.

Interaction System

  • The interaction system has been significanly revamped under the hood but interactions are still possible using the '@', '/' or 'influence with ' syntax.
  • How NPC's respond is now tied more closely to how they are feeling, which should make them less like paranoid schizophrenics and more like petulant teenagers.
  • More feedback as to how an NPC reacted to an interaction is now given in thier responses, though this is still a work in progress.
  • The interaction files have been completely rewritten for the new system and the total number of available interactions has been reduced slightly (63 at the time of writing). This number will be increased over the coming months and the missing interactions tied into a potential new 'dialogue' system. You can view a list of available interactions through 'interaction list'.
  • Interactions will currently only work when targetted at something. Non-targetted interactions have been removed for testing and will be added back in a future patch.
  • All interactions will work targeted at both living and non-living items, so feel free to scowl at tables to your hearts content.
  • As ever, all ideas and feedback regarding the interaction system is welcomed - Woe


  • 'bath' and 'tub' are now aliases for bathtubs.
  • 'tv' and 'telly' are now aliases for 'television'
  • Extra attacks triggered by 'Flurry' will now be coloured as specials when the command launches.
  • A helpfile has been added for 'negotiate'.
  • A helpfile has been added for 'improve'

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