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Patch Notes: 1.2.04

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We Will Stickle It

February 28, 2016


  • The temporary cap on stronghold danger has been removed, allowing it to dial all the way up now that people are more used to how the strongholds work.

Bug Fixes

  • Various small bug and typo fixes.
  • Stronghold missions should no longer report success when they should be failures.
  • Crafted shoes should now count for mercurials.
  • The 'removed queue' text will only be shown if a queue is actually removed.
  • The stronghold mood bonus will now properly reflect the stronghold danger. However, see balance below.
  • Water closets now draw from the bathroom scavenge table, although with a lower chance of success.
  • Generating a random Japanese name will no longer over eval.
  • Changing non-existant permissions in clans will no longer create a rogue permission entry. Existing rogue entries will be cleaned away when the next patch is applied.
  • Renaming a stronghold NPC will no longer cause duplicates, and will also properly honour the name change.
  • Removing a stronghold chest from an unclaimed room will no longer runtime.
  • The weight (and thus power) of coal has been restored.
  • Shipping containers at the docks will now sometimed produce the stuff they should have produced in situations when they didn't.
  • Shaped gemstones should now have the proper descriptions and identifiers applied.
  • Leather will now properly retain its state between logins.
  • Bathrooms in general houses will no longer draw from the bedroom scavenge table.


  • Applying the triage effect will now progress the Lay on Hands goal.
  • There is now a two hour cooldown on re-summoning a pet that has been killed.
  • The special craftable 'paladin' set has now had all its patterns changed from 'platemail' to 'paladin' to resolve the name clash from generated schematics.
  • Greenhouses can now be claimed by clans for their strongholds.
  • The 'listen' command will now take into account audible stealth.
  • Shampoo is now considered to be a luxury item for placating stronghold NPCs.
  • Utility knives can now be used for skinning.


  • Money will now show the sum when you look at it.
  • Stone blocks will now show their colour in the short and long.

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