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Patch Notes: 1.2.06

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Biff! Bang! Wallop!

May 2, 2016


  • The speed at which unarmed damage scales with skill levels has been significantly reduced for players and NPCs. This will make some zombies a good deal easier than before, but I'll keep an eye on whether the effects are appropriate.

Bug Fixes

  • Various small bug and typo fixes.
  • A performance fix in the tagged longs has been implemented - let's see how that works when we next go live. As before, it'll only stay enabled if it isn't creating performance drag.
  • The generation of random stronghold rooms has been made a little less runtime prone, I hope.
  • The research command will now honour its own cooldown.
  • The search command will now properly alter energy costs based on modifiers.
  • Slashing long swords will now properly have two slash attacks rather than a slash and a pierce.
  • Rooms in the regulator HQ will now properly register they belong to the Regulators.
  • Rooms in the Iron Farmer HQ will now properly register they belong to the Iron Farmers.
  • Containers should no longer say 'empty' when they are loading, and will default to the simple short of the container, rather than the one that mentions contents for the duration.
  • Water purification tablets are now consumed on use.
  • Distill will now require a heat source to be switched on.
  • The Midas Touch knack will now properly apply to more money awards.


  • The standard damage modifiers based on attack zone was boring and dumb and stupid, so it disappeared in the last patch. I've replaced it with what I hope will be a more strategic system based on extra effects that might be applied depending on where you attack. I'm intending for it to become more interesting and varied as time goes by, but for the moment if you inflict a lot of damage against a particular zone you have a chance of inflicting a temporary debuff. Head will increase cooldowns, stomach will reduce energy regen, leg will inhibit positioning in combat and arm will result in someone being disarmed. These aren't intended to be *hugely* punitive rewards, but should be punitive enough to warrant building active targetting of zones into your regular combat rotation instead of simply always aiming at the head.
  • It's now possible to plug powered devices in locally if you're in a stronghold room with wiring, and enough battery power. Drain will be slower than with batteries, but the higher the device drain the more power it will eventually pull.
  • Water rooms will no longer attempt to move water into the containers in your inventory.
  • It's again possible to meditate upon resolve, and it'll give you a mood boost if you succeed.
  • When doing a mission that makes use of a USB drive, you'll now be given a biometrically locked drive for the duration.
  • A very simple new quest has been added in Blackcairn.
  • An animal leash or whistle can now be used to summon a remote pet if it's not in your current room without having to dismiss it first. It won't come if it's in combat though.
  • The river bank now has surveyable trees you can find for gathering.
  • Some new knacks have been added for pets, allowing you to increase health, stamina and energy.
  • Parcels will now also count for the postman mission.


  • You can now set colour codes for positive-knack and negative-knack, which are used with knack related application/removal messages.
  • It's now possible to get fuller descriptions of what clan permissions do with the 'clan permissions description' syntax.
  • The prestige command now allows you to specify whether you want to list base or prestige professions. Default behaviour for the 'list' argument remains the same.
  • 'Remove' will work as a synonym for 'eject' when dealing with dictaphones.
  • Stomp will now show damage numbers.


  • We're now using a Content Delivery Network (CDN) for the blog and the wiki and the boards. Hopefully this will speed things up a bit.

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