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Patch Notes: 1.2.07

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Social Intercourse

May 29, 2016

Bug Fixes

  • Various small bug and typo fixes.
  • Chemical light sticks will now be fully charged, and no longer imply they need a battery.
  • You will now receive the proper difficulty modifier information when assembling a schematic you have fully memorized.
  • First aid boxes will now properly contain supplies.
  • A bug with doctors and the scared to live debuff has been fixed.
  • The 'are you there a'tuin' quest now has proper completion dialogue.
  • Medium warehouses will now have scavenge.
  • Crafted memorized schematics will now cost GP once again.
  • Felled trees will now produce uncoloured logs, rather than multicoloured ones.
  • The memento mission will now send you to find mementos for a wider ranger of NPCs.
  • Pets should now properly reset when a pet dies and is resummoned.
  • You can no longer lure enemies over obstacles.


  • Wellbeing bonuses for exalted status now extend to the Helipad in the Osiris Public Relations HQ.
  • Social intercourse now has an additional use - if you 'greet' an NPC, you'll get a chance at a small reward based on your relationship with them. This is only possible once every twenty four hours per NPC, but rewards include mood boosts, experience, reputation, money and so on. Chance of a reward depends on how strong the NPC's opinion of you is, and negative opinions may result in penalties.
  • The Bad Wolff faction now claim the inside rooms around Blackcairn as theirs.
  • You will now occasionally find a blueprint tube containing five blank blueprints, in the style of battery packets and cigarette cartons.
  • Practice books on Feng Shui, for furniture placement, have been added to the textbook generator.
  • Apples will now quench a little thirst when eaten.
  • Some crafting patterns have been changed to use the new 'leather strap' and 'cloth strap' components.
  • Jeff in Alphabet Street will teach you the leather strap and cloth strap components.
  • Summoning and dismissing companion pets will now trigger a 10s cooldown.
  • The scrutinze command I said would be available in a previous patch is now actually available. Whoops.
  • You can now longer tame an animal when you have a pet already summoned. You'll need to dismiss it first.
  • The Forrester Academy library now has scavenge.
  • Deactivating a safe or storeroom will now trigger rep penalties like most related commands.


  • Stone cubes will now also show their colour as well as their material.
  • Deathblow messages will now also show the damage inflicted.
  • You'll be told when you can once again hold a fumbled weapon.
  • Backstab will now show damage done.
  • Logs will now show colour in their long and short.
  • The stronghold command will now show how much book and DVD space you have available for use.
  • Crafted armours should now show their overall quality in the short.
  • The schematics command will now show the need or otherwise for matching materials and colours.

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