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Patch Notes: 1.2.12

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Better Late Than Never

1st of February, 2017


  • The danger gradient of spawned NPCs has changed. Now, it progresses from one, two and then three 'easy' NPCs to one, two and then three 'medium' NPCs and then one, two and then three 'hard' NPCs. This should fix the current exponential difficulty curve that goes along with leaving the safe areas of the city. I'm not convinced this is a great idea yet, so I will be keeping an eye on what' going on.
  • Inside rooms have more NPCs that can appear in them than outside rooms - this should add a fair degree of additional risk to scavenging to balance out the above.
  • Kick and punch have had their damage increased.

Bug Fixes

  • Various small bug and typo fixes.
  • Some goals got stuck at 99 times completed - they shouldn't any more.
  • Paint and dye colours will now mix properly, instead of usually ending up as white.
  • A bug in stronghold NPC aggressiveness has been fixed - they should be more willing to attack intruders.
  • Supply crates should now hang around a fair bit longer.
  • Craftable scrapyard robots now have the proper set command, and will respond to RC controls.
  • Flesh can now properly be used in those edge cases where you need it to repair equipment. You sick bastards.
  • The time limit to solve a murder mystery has been increased to eight hours.
  • Abandoned cars that spawn closed will no longer be empty.
  • Combat damage for goals and achievements will once again be recorded.


  • The computer in the cellar of the Winchester will now provide basic mail facilities for all players, provided it's powered.
  • Squirrels might make an occasional appearance in the game now.
  • Dead babies will spawn less often in houses.
  • You can now leave notifications for people on chat channels with @name. You can access your notifications via the new 'hnotifications' command. Maybe hashtags will be next! Post on the board if you like the sound of that, or if you hate it with all your being.
  • Corn cobs are now possible to gather in some gardens.
  • Shotgun scabbards are now classed as a 'sash', meaning they now occupy the same inventry slot as rifle scabbards, and not the same one as holsters.
  • For reasons, you can now once again butcher fingers out of corpses.
  • Some things will now be too small/light to be salvaged.
  • The Winchester faction now offers weapon repairs rather than tinker tokens for a favour.
  • The 'bastard operator from hell' goal now also permits players to complete it by number of hacked systems - this includes autohacking systems.
  • Whether you succeed or not in a ranged attack is no longer a factor in how aggressively it's treated. If you want to try and shoot someone in the face and miss, this is now correctly interpreted as 'something of an attack'


  • Paints will now have their colour as adjectives.
  • Telescopic viewers will now handle shorthand directions such as 's' and 'sw'.
  • Throwing will now handle shorthand directions such as 's' and 'sw'.
  • Rearrange now has a five minute cooldown, to prevent accidental multiple rearranges.
  • Place names will once again be showed when you discover them for the first time.
  • Healing kits no longer need to be in your inventory to be used.


  • NPCs can now be instructed to follow interlopers in the stronghold.
  • Plasters will now count as medicine for the purpose of stronghold NPC wellbeing.
  • You can now set 'allied clans', which will make your stronghold NPCs as non-aggressive towards all members of another clan as they would be to individually permitted visitors.
  • The time until you can capture/recapture a room is now displayed in the 'evaluate' output for a room.

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