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Patch Notes: 1.2.13

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Little By Little

2nd of April, 2017

Bug Fixes

  • Various small bug and typo fixes.
  • Fixed an issue with zombies spawning in supposedly safe areas.
  • You will no longer count as visible for unconscious enemies.
  • Stronghold NPCs should no longer attack the pets of friendly stronghold visitors.
  • Goal completion numbers should advance properly for all goals.
  • Crafted ranged weapons should now hold their quality between logins.
  • General computers should offer the proper hacking interface now.
  • Picking a lock was incorrectly making use of the subterfuge.trespass.theory skill. It will now properly use the subterfuge.trespass.door skill.
  • Foraging and gathering should once again yield results.
  • The stat dependence for mental.control.observation has been set to CIIWW instead of SCIIWW.


  • A new prestige knack has been added - 'sense of zen'. It gives you a permanent mood boost.
  • You can now 'pet' animal companions for a small mood boost. Each pet will only give you the boost once per hour. Just be nice to animals, that's the lesson here.
  • You can now 'repair X fully' to make a single attempt to repair using the provided material. This is slighly more difficult assuming you use more than one material, but more convenient. It will attempt, as best it can, to conserve material too.
  • A new type of clothing has been added - back scabbards. Currently this only applies to rifle and shotgun scabbards.
  • Stronghold NPCs should no longer leave instantly when you get rid of their beds - they'll leave instead at the next reset for the stronghold.
  • The hnotifications command now comes with syntax and a help file.


  • Supplying to a stronghold chest will now log to the supplies category rather than the default.
  • When no player is identified as originating a log event, it will show up as [automated], for consistency's sake.
  • Unbreakable objects will no longer have a condition string.

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