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The Lord of the Cemetery domain is Eek

Domain Purpose

The purpose of the Cemetery domain is to act as a container for those people who are not active developers on Epitaph but who are kept on as creators anyway. These included retired Epitaphers, ambassadors from other MUDs, and other individuals on a case by case basis. No activity requirement is associated with Cemetery creators, although from time to time those that haven't logged on in a long time are purged so as to keep the domain from smelling stale.

How Do I Join?

You don't, I'm afraid. Cemetery creators are invited, not recruited. If you have to ask if you can be in Cemetery, the chances are very high you can't.

Domain Members

Member Project
Bones Witchfinder General
Shandrilla Mrs. Drakkos
Hamlet Forner
Eek Eek! Eek! Eek!
Senya Newbie
Ulysses Being Haugies
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