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The Lord of the Game domain is Drakkos

Domain Purpose

Game is the main domain on Epitaph, and is made up of the creators who are working to create the game you see around you. It includes mudlib developers, area developers, and system developers. There is no disctinction made with regards to 'role', and most Game creators work broadly over the game rather that being assigned to particular responsibilities. Pretty much everything you can see in Epitaph is the product of the Game domain.

Significant Projects

Almost everything in the game.

Domain Members

Member Project
Drakkos The Dread Pirate Drakkos
Deschain Ghost in the (Unix) Shell
Woe Soul Man
Anteph Newbie
Fado Resident Drunk
River Newbie
Hugo Sketching the World
Techne Newbie
Asha Breaking Bad
Copyright Statement

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