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Combat - Let God Sort Them Out


Combat on Epitaph can be a fraught, intricate affair. Unlike many games, Epitaph does not focus on hack and slash advancement. However, the world of Epitaph is a terrible place, and you will often be called upon to protect yourself and your possessions.

Basic Principles

Combat on Epitaph is partially automatic - you will continue to fight with anyone you can reach as long as you are in combat. Each participant in a combat has what are known as 'action points', and each action in a combat will reduce the amount of these you have available. As a combat goes on, you will also regain action points.

Characters have access to a range of special attacks as combat goes on, and you can choose to use these at an additional cost of your energy. These attacks are often very damaging, or give you strategic advantage in a battle.

Epitaph also has a system of positional combat, which means that your position in a melee is important - three significant positions exist - not involved, which marks you out as an (un)interested bystander, 'on the sidelines' which marks you out as being out of melee range, and 'in the scrum' which marks you out as being in melee range. Various commands exist to let you manage your position in the battle, and some commands are available or unavailable depending on the relative positions of yourself and your target.

When you are wounded in combat, you first take damage from your energy - this is the same resource that you spend on performing special attacks. Energy will regenerate relatively quickly on its own. When you have no energy left, you will start to take physical damage to your health - this damage will not regenerate on its own.

Managing Combat

You will begin combat at range. Many of your opponents will automatically attempt to draw you into melee range, but if you want to be the one to initiate that, you can use the 'engage' command.

There are many commands that you can use to help you manage your combat. The first of these is 'concentrate', which allows you to choose a specific target and direct all of your automatic attacks to them. The 'combat' command will give you a quick read of the combat landscape, showing you who is where in terms of their position.

The 'tactics' command allows you to choose your specific styles of fighting, including which body parts you are concentrating on, how you want to defend yourself and how aggressive your attacks are going to be.

The 'stop' command is used to call a halt to a battle. However, bear in mind you are only one of several people involved in a battle, and you can't enforce this unilaterally. You remain in combat even if you are not in the same room as your enemies, so you can use the 'stop' command to mentally remove yourself from a battle.

Syntax Forms


Display stats about any current combat.


Example one

> combat In The Scrum: Drakkos and Shawn None: Draconius

See Also:

tactics, wimpy, consider, stop, engage
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