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There are a number of combat options that you can set to determine your tactics in a fight - you can change these settings at any time, even during the middle of a fight, to change your tactics. The first option is your attitude: you can be on the offensive (in which case you get a bonus to attacking, but a penalty to dodging and parrying), or on the defensive (in which case you get a bonus to dodging and parrying, but a penalty to attacking) or you can take a neutral attitude (in which case there are no bonuses or penalties).

In dealing with an attack, you can choose your response: you can always dodge or you can always parry or you can be neutral in your response. When using neutral response there is a slight bonus since your opponent doesn't know if you will dodge or parry.

For parrying, you can choose whether to always parry with the weapon, or shield, in your left or right hand or always attempt to use the weapons, or weapon and shield, in both hands.

If you are fighting unarmed, you can choose to attempt to parry with your arm or hand (this special manoeuvre can be disabling if you are not skillful enough, but would prevent an attack from reaching your more vital areas).

You can focus on a specific part of an opponent's body. While this makes it more difficult to hit the opponent, it may enable you to cause a greater degree of injury if you do get the hit(s) in. With different races the part you have chosen to target will be mapped onto that race's body.

It is important to realise that for best results, the tactics that you choose should depend on your armour, your opponents and the armouries of your opponents - no two fights will ever be quite the same.

Syntax Forms


Display your current tactical settings.

tactics stance {offensive|defensive|neutral} 

Set your tactical stance.

tactics response {dodge|neutral|parry} 

Set your approach to avoiding being hit.

tactics parry {left|right|both|unarmed} 

Set your parry settings.

tactics attack {left|right|both} 

Set which hand(s) you will attempt to attack with.

tactics focus {upper body|lower body|head|neck|chest|abdomen|arms|hands|legs|feet|none} 

Choose which body zones on which you will preferentially focus in combat.


Example one

> tactics Your combat options are: Stance - offensive. Response - dodge. Focus - none. You will use both hands to attack. You will use both hands to parry. You will attempt to parry unarmed. You are not concentrating on anyone.

Example two

> tactics parry left You change from both hands to your left hand.

Example three

> tactics stance defensive You change your stance from offensive to defensive.

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