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Epitaph's developers are known as 'creators'. They do not directly influence the game, except via their creations. While creators can interact socially with players, they are not permitted to confer any in-game advantage to players. Creators on Epitaph are bound by a code of conduct which limits what they are permitted to do.

Creators and Domains

Creators on Epitaph are associated with one or more domains. These domains show in which areas a creator is active. Creators within a domain operate under the guidance of their domain leader - the domain leader is the one responsible for setting the agenda for the domain and ensuring that creators are properly supported in their endeavours.

Applying As A Creator

Epitaph does not actively recruit creators - we believe a small and focused developer community is better than a large and conflicted one. However, if you wish to contribute to the game as one of the creator team, you should discuss your wish with one of the game's Lords.

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