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Interaction - Don't leave a brother hanging


Epitaph incorporates a system for social 'interactions' - set action macros that allow you to interact with other players. You can find out the full list of these available through the 'look soul' command, or through the 'interactions' command. Interactions performed on other players are just decorative. However, NPCs will respond to them and judge you according to the one syou perform.

Using an interaction

On Epitaph, interaction commands are prefaced with a /, a #, or a @. This is to distinguish them from other game commands that may share the same name.To ensure that there is no confusion (after all, what could be more annoying than souling an enemy you are trying to kill), we use the symbols.

Undirected Interactions

Some interactions can be undirected, meaning that you perform them in your current room. Everyone can see you perform the soul. If I use the '/fart' soul, I see the following: 'You fart loudly.'. Everyone in my room sees: 'Darth Drakkos Wyrmstalker farts loudly.'.

Targeted interactions

Souls can also be targeted at players, and these players need not be in the room with you. However, the way this works can be a little confusing. If I'm in the same room as my target, then anyone in that room will see me work my wicked wiles upon them. However, if they are in another room, only I and my target see the soul. If I want to soul that I am ranting at a player called Draconius, I can do so with '/rant draconius' and they will see: 'Darth Drakkos Wyrmstalker rages at you'. Whether anyone else sees that depends on if Draconius and I are both in the same room. Interactions aimed at NPCs can only be done when they are in the same room

Interaction Arguments

Souls usually also permit arguments which allow you to specialise the interaction. These come after the name of the target, like so: '/glare draconius stonily', which results in 'You glare long and hard at Draconius Hugofingerer, your stony face set hard.'.

Consent Interactions

Some interactions require you to consent to their being performed. For example, someone may wish to /highfive you, but you can choose whether or not to consent. I might see 'You hold up your hand to Dread Pirate Drakkos Wyrmstalker for a highfive.', and then I can choose whether to 'respond accept draconius' or 'respond reject draconius'. If I choose the former, I see 'You slap Draconius a mighty highfive!'. If I choose the latter, I see 'You refuse to highfive Draconius.'.


If you don't like souls, you can earmuff them - valid categories for earmuffs are multiple-soul (allows you to opt out of being part of a multiple soul interaction such as '/glarr hugo,draconiusin the face'), remote-soul (stops you being possible to soul at a distance) and npc-soul (stops NPCs souling you).

What the hell do you have against Draconius?

Seriously, you guys have no idea what Draconius is like. He deserves every bit of it.


Example one

> /fart You fart loudly. Liz shoots a filthy look at you, eyes flashing. Shawn shudders involuntarily at you.

Example two

> /smile liz You smile at Liz. Liz tips a cheeky wink at you.

Example three

Drakkos holds up his hand to you for a highfive. > respond reject drakkos You refuse to highfive Dread Pirate Drakkos Wyrmstalker.

Example four

> interactions details admire with cool fashion sense Interaction: Admire (cool fashion sense) Belongs to categories: Admiring Free Form Argument Permitted No Type Positive Cultural Check Required No Group Interaction No Targetted No Strength 1 Skills Required social.communication.empathy Target level - 1

See Also:

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