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Communication - social intercourse


As part of a multi-player game, it's important you can manage your communication with your fellow players. There are several communication channels available to you.

Say and Sayto

The Say and Sayto commands permit you to send a message to everyone in your current room. Sayto does the same thing, except it lets you direct it to a specific person.


If you want to send a message to a single person only in your room, you can use the whisper command.


Tell is a completely out of character command, and lets you send a private message to anyone else on Epitaph whether they are in the room or not.

Soul commands

Soul commands permit you to send messages to people in your room that express your current emotional and phyisical state. Instead of saying 'that's funny', instead you can use the 'laugh' soul command to send the message 'Drakkos laughs.' (replace with your own name). Soul commands are prefaced with either a /, @ or # on Epitaph - see the soul helpfile for more details.

Emote and Remote

Emote permits you to send a non-verbal message to everyone in the room. Remote permits you to send a non-verbal message to a target somewhere on Epitaph regardless of where they are in the game.

Newbie Channel

For players young enough, there is a 'newbie' channel which can be used. This allows you to talk on the channel that is dedicated to creators and trusted players providing you with advice. Note that this isn't intended to be a chat channel, it's just a way for you to get a little advice if you need it.


The main source of chat and discussion on Epitaph is through the radio system. You'll be given a radio as part of your reward for making it through the newbie area. See the 'radio' helpfile for more details on how the radios work.

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