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Tell is used to tell someone something who is not in the room with you. It will tell the player the message in the following manner. If you are Drakkos and you type 'tell draconius bing', draconius will receive the message. If you need to see your previous tells, you can use the 'htell' command.

Drakkos tells you: bing

This is the main way of communicating privately with people - no-one else but the target will see your message.

The reply option to tell allows you to reply to the last person (or persons) to tell you something. The people that told you is remembered for 15 minutes. Please remember that this is a very dangerous way to chat and it is way open to mischats from someone dropping in a random tell to you on the way. This can be got around with 'tell replylock', which will lock a person (or persons) into the people you send a tell reply to.

The @ can be used to use a specific adverb to the tell. For example using tell ceres @happily Hello will cause the recipient to be told that you tell them 'happily'. If you do not wish to receive the emotions in tells sent to you, you can set your 'tell' information to be brief and it will cut this out.

Note that '#<language>' cannot be used with this command, since tells are out-of-character communication, and hence language-independent.

Syntax Forms

t_ell <player> <message> 

Send the indicated message to the indicated player(s).

t_ell reply <message> 

Send the message to the sources of the last tell.

t_ell r <message> 

Send the message to the sources of the last tell. Alternate syntax

t_ell replylock <player> 

Switch on the reply lock for a particular person.

t_ell replylock reply 

Switch on the reply lock for the last person who sent you a tell.

t_ell replylock remove 

Remove any current reply lock.

t_ell <string> 

Send an intermud tell. Players can use this to send tells to epitaph.black.ops only. Be warned that these tells go through a central server and your privacy should not be assumed.


Example one

> tell draconius Bing! Draconius has been idle for 3 minutes and 40 seconds. You exclaim to Draconius Wyrmstalker: Bing!

Example two

Draconius Wyrmstalker asks you: What is up with your bad self? > tell replylock reply You lock in draconius in your reply list.

Example three

> tell reply Nuthin' much You tell Draconius Wyrmstalker: Nuthin' much

See Also:

say, sayto, whisper, whisperto, lsay, lsayto, shout, htell
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