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lsayto sends the message to all the people in the room and also makes the message look directed. With a normal say you would see:

Eek says: hello

With lsayto you would see:

Eek says loudly to Drakkos: hello

The # and @ can be used to use a specific language and an adverb to the message. You can use partial matching for a language, so for example #en will make you speak in english. You may also put the language name in quotes after the # to speak in languages which have spaces in them.

Syntax Forms

lsayto <living> <string> 


Example one

> lsayto draconius Oh god, you're covered in zombies! You loudly exclaim to Draconius Wyrmstalker: Oh god, you're covered in zombies!

See Also:

say, shout, whisper, whisperto, sayto
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