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Stance - It wasn't me! I'm used to standing in this position!


As part of your tactical configuration in combat, you will have a 'stance' in which you are setup. Each stance has an impact on the damage you do, the damage you absorb, and how much energy it costs to attack and defend. In addition, certain combat commands require you to be in particular stances before they can be used.

What Stance is Best for Me?

The correct stance depends on your current situation - each involves offsetting a benefit for a loss, except for 'neutral' which offers a balance of offensive and defensive power. Only you can determine the best stance for your current circumstances. When fending off many foes until help arrives, you may want to be in the cowardly stance. When desparately trying to finish off your last few enemies before a bomb goes off, you may want to be in the berserk stance. If tanking, you may wish to take on a defensive stance, and so on.

What is my current stance?

Your current stance along with other tactical information is available through the tactics command. You can change your current stance through the 'tactics stance <stance>' command.

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