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Stats - Quantifying Your Potential


The stats that you have reflect your potential as a person. They are a measure of your physical and mental gifts. These can be temporarily adjusted by certain in game actions, and permanently adjusted by valuable game rewards. On the whole though, they're fixed and you just have to live with them until you can rearrange. Stats on Epitaph range from 5 (terrible) to 20 (incredible). The bonus you get for particular skills is a function of your level in the skill and the level in the relevant stats.


Strength is a measure of your physical prowess - your ability to lift heavy loads and exert force on targets. It's important in melee/unarmed combat, the physical skill tree and many gathering tasks.


Wisdom is a measure of your crystalized intelligence - that is, your accumulated knowledge and clarity of understanding. It thus represents life experience rather than raw mental analytical power. It is important in many crafts, strategic planning and gathering amongst others.


Intelligence is your raw mental calculation power - it is your fluid intelligence. It is important in rapidly assessing situations and understanding concepts and techniques. As such, it has wide applicability through the skill trees.


Dexterity is a measure of your reflexes and agility. It is your ability to maneouver yourself at speed and with accuracy - it's useful in any skill where your ability to precisely articulate your physical intentions is neccessary, such as stealth, ranged combat and balancing.


Charisma is a measure of your connection to other living creatures in the apocalypse. It's your ability to build rapport, persuade and intimidate. It's most useful in the social skill tree, and is heavily involved in social interactions.


Every character on Epitaph starts with 10 points in each of these stats (average in everything). When you have decided what kind of character you wish to play, you can 'rearrange' your stats into a more appropriate configuration. Each time you do this costs you one of a limited pool of rearranges, but these can be purchased as time goes by. See 'help rearrange' for more details.

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