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Rearrange - Be The Man/Woman You Want To Be


At the start of your Epitaph life, all your statistics are set to be ten - that means 'completely average in all respects'. Everyone starts off like that. Stats are important - they are what define your overall bonus for each of your skills, and as such choosing what stats should be is an intensely personal thing. Rather than give you a random set of stats, Epitaph allows you to rearrange your stats in whatever way you want. Rearranges accumulate as you play the game - the consequences of a rearrange are long-term, but you will get future opportunities to change your stats.

How Does It Work

First of all, 'rearrange view' will show you what your current rearrange is going to be. You can move points from one stat to another - for example, to remove five points from your strength, you'd use the 'rearrange adjust' syntax, like so: 'rearrange adjust strength -5'. That would then give you give points to spend on adjusting other stats upwards. If you make a mess of your intended rearrange, you can 'rearrange reset' to go back to the starting state.

As your stats have a considerable impact on what your bonuses are going to be, you should check what impact your rearrange will have using the 'skills rearranged' command - this will show your bonus in each skill using your potential rearranged stats.

When you are happy with your choices, 'rearrange confirm' will commit your choices, making them your new stats and also using up one of your rearranges. You will have to do this command twice within quick succession - the first time will give you a warning of the consequences, and the second will do the actual committing of stats.


Example one

> rearrange view Your current rearrange stats: Strength: 10 Wisdom: 10 Intelligence: 10 Dexterity: 10 Constitution: 10 You have 0 points left. You have 4 rearrange(s) left.

Example two

> rearrange adjust strength by -5 You adjust your strength by -5 points. You have 5 points left.

Example three

> rearrange adjust intelligence by 5 You adjust your intelligence by 5 points. You have 0 points left.

Example four

> rearrange view Your current rearrange stats: Strength: 5 Wisdom: 10 Intelligence: 15 Dexterity: 10 Constitution: 10 You have 0 points left. You have 4 rearrange(s) left.

Example five

> rearrange confirm Warning! This uses up one of your precious rearranges. Be very sure that this is what you want for a rearrange before you confirm it. If you want to see what impact your current rearrange will have on your skills, use the "skills rearranged" command. This does not have any impact on your current stats.N > rearrange confirm You confirm your rearrange. May it bring you luck!

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