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The skill command gives you an overview of your ability in the various skills on Epitaph. Numbers are given according to three values - your level, which represents your training. Your bonus, which represents your training modified by your natural affinity for the skill (based on your stats), and any bonuses gained from equipment you may be using.

Syntax Forms

skills [tree] 

Show the full skill tree, using your output to columns option.

skills [tree] list 

Show the full skill tree as a list.

skills [tree] rearranged 

Show how the skill tree would look with your current rearrange settings.

skills [tree] rearranged list 

Show how the skill tree would look with your current rearrange settings, in list forman.

skills {desc|description} <string> 

Show the description of a particular skill.

skills {desc|description} description <string> rearranged 

Show the description of a skill, using your current speculative rearrange settings.

skills <filter> 

Filter the skill list for a particular skill code.

skills probe <wiz-present> 

Probe into a player's skills. Only available to creators, and the target is given a warning that it has happened.


Example one

> skills description co.me.sh Skill Description(s) skill combat.melee.sharp Description Your ability to attack with sharp weapons. Stat Dependencies SSSDD Your Skill Level 1006 Your Skill Bonus 804 Equipment Bonuses 0 Used For fighting with sharp weapons

See Also:

hskills, stats
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