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Wellbeing System - I have a heart condition. If you hit me, then it's murder.


Life in the grim darkness of the zombie apocalypse is hard, and the mere act of survival is a struggle. Your wellbeing is a measure of how your tired, aching bones are faring. Your wellbeing will go up and down in response to events in the game, and each is impacted in a different way. If all you want to do is play and chat, you can switch on social mode with 'options game social_mode = on', but make sure that you read the helpfile for that to know what the implications are.

Wellbeing Trickles

The nature of wellbeing is that when your wellbeing is reduced you may not have enough in that specific category of wellbeing to cover the loss. When this occurs to any wellbeing value other than health, then the remaining debt will be increased by half and then passed on to another wellbeing stat. This is called a 'trickle down'.

If you do not have enough wellbeing in the trickle down value to cover the cost, it trickles down farther until it starts directly docking your health. Some wellbeing values, such as energy, trickle down to multiple wellbeing traits and in this case the debt will be split equally between then.

Health and Stamina

These are two measures of the same general quality - how much damage you have taken, and how much you can take in the future. Stamina is a measure of short-term impairment - it regenerates fairly quickly over time. Health is long term, and regenerates very slowly. If you were a spaceship, stamina would be your shields and health would be your hull integrity. When your stamina drops to zero, you start losing health instead. When your health drops to zero, you DIE.

Health does not trickle down, but stamina will trickle down to health.


Energy is used up when you perform tasks. Most commands that you execute carry with them a cost in terms of your energy. It regenerates relatively quickly over time, but there are pills and some commands (such as powernap) that can return it to you more rapidly. Energy trickles down to both hunger and thirst.

Hunger and Thirst

Finding enough food and water to survive is part of the struggle of life - these only ever trend downwards over time. Eating food will ease your hunger, and drinking fluids will ease your thirst. Hunger and thirst both trickle down to stamina.


Resolve represents your psychological defences. Sometimes the horror of the environment is just too much to bear, and you just can't bring yourself to jump down into the dark tunnel full of the dead. When resolve is too low, you will find that you simply cannot bring yourself to do certain things within the game. Additionally, as your resolve decreases so too do your effective bonuses in your various skills. Resolve does not trickle down.


Example one

> wellbeing Your current wellbeing: * Thirst: 1200/1200 * Energy: 1000/1000 * Hunger: 1000/1000 * Health: 1000/1000 * Stamina: 1000/1000 * Resolve: 1000/1000

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