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Afk - Set your afk status and message


This command allows you to set an afk message and toggle the status on or off. When turned on, it provides a warning message to anyone sending you a tell that you are afk, along with your customized message.

Syntax Forms

afk [off|on] 

Toggle whether or not your AFK message is on.

afk <message> 

The message to be displayed when you mark yourself as being AFK.


Example one

> tell drakkos Bing! Warning, Drakkos is currently afk: killin' nuns. You tell Drakkos Wyrmstalker: Bing!

Example two

> afk killin' nuns Your away from keyboard message is now set to: killin' nuns Your away from keyboard status is currently: OFF

Example three

> afk on You are now set as away from keyboard. Your away from keyboard message is set to: killin' nuns

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