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The interactions command shows you the interactions available in the game, categorised by the kind of emotional impact they have. By drilling down into subcategories with 'interactions list <type>' you can see specific interactions available to you. 'interaction details <name of interaction>' will give you the outline of the details of the interaction, including skill checks where appropriate.

Syntax Forms

interactions [list] 

List the interactions available.

interactions list <category> 

List all the interactions in a particular category.

interactions details <string> 

Get the details of a specific interaction.

interactions details <string> with [arg] <arg> 

Get the details of a specific interaction with a specific argument.

interactions reactions <category> 

List reactions in a category. Creator only syntax.

interactions reactions 

List the reactions in the system. Creator only syntax.


Example one

> interactions details admire with cool fashion sense Interaction: Admire (cool fashion sense) Belongs to categories: Admiring Free Form Argument Permitted No Type Positive Cultural Check Required No Group Interaction No Targetted No Strength 1 Skills Required social.communication.empathy Target level - 1

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