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Locate will find everything in your environment (i.e. everything in the same places as you) and in your inventory (i.e. everything you're carrying) that matches the words you provide. It won't however find things in containers in your environment. It will list these objects with the name you'd need to use to refer to this specific object, together with whether each object is currently worn or wielded. If only one object is found, it gives its location and whether it is being worn, kept or wielded. If the item has been identified, the name by which you have identified it will also be shown.

Syntax Forms

locate <object name> 

Locate an item matching a particular name in your inventory.


Example one

> locate weapon The pump-action shotgun (held in right hand) (keeping) is in your inventory. The .69 revolver ("widowmaker") is in the pistol holster. The .69 revolver is in the pistol holster.

See Also:

keep, identify
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