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Whereas finger gives information about a player, refer gives information about the character including their guild (and title information if they're online), their description and any reference information they have set. The reference information is typically background about their character.

To add information to your reference use the alias .reference. The ;'s in your .reference alias will be expanded to newlines. It may be up to 20 lines long.

Syntax Forms

refer <name|domain> 

View the detailed finger information for a player, creator or creator domain.


Example one

> alias .reference Isn't it enough to know I ruined a pony making a gift for you? Added alias ".reference".

Example two

> refer drakkos Darth Drakkos Wyrmstalker (High Lord) the Adventurer, Work My Darkest Larks. His nationality is British and he is from Scotland. He is a tall, imposing gentleman with piercing blue eyes. His hair is long and chestnut brown, to match his untamed hobo beard. There is something about the set of the shoulders and the personal bearing that talks of a lazy, indifferent arrogance. Even in the face of a full-blown zombie apocolypse, he walks about as if he has not a fear in the world. Isn't it enough to know I ruined a pony making a gift for you?

See Also:

finger, infocentre
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