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With the show command, you can allow someone to inspect an item in your inventory closely, without having to give it directly to him, and risk losing it.

You offer an item to a player who is in the same room and is able to see you. If the player wants to take a look at the item, he accepts the offer.

You can simultaneously have an offer to more than one person, but you can only have one offer per person at a time. If you try to show a person something, and there is already an offer by you pending to that person, the older one is removed and replaced by the newer offer.

If the item has something that can be read on it, the player the item is being shown to will automatically attempt to read it, should he choose to accept the offer using the "read" option.

Syntax Forms

show <item> to <living> 

Show the indicated object to the indicated target.

show accept [offer] [from] <living> 

Accept a show offer that you have been offered.

show reject [offer] [from] <living> 

Reject a show offer that you have been offered.


Example one

> show shotgun to draconius You offer to show the pump-action shotgun to Draconius Wyrmstalker. You show the pump-action shotgun to Draconius Wyrmstalker when he accepts the offer.

See Also:

offer, accept, withdraw
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