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Backstab - Sneaksy little hobbitses

Command Cost

500 Command Points


The backstab command allows you to to attempt to deliver a devastating attack to an opponent. You must be in some kind of physical stealth to use the command, and you cannot be in combat. Backstabbing a foe does not require a bladed weapon, but the weight of the weapon you use will impact significantly on how difficult the command is to perform.


60 seconds

Syntax Forms

backstab <target> {with|at} <weapon> 

Attempt to backstab the indicated target with the indicated weapon.


Example one

> backstab ploosk with mace You maneouver yourself so as to teach Ploosk a lesson with your steel war mace. Ploosk had no idea you were even there! Your steel war mace inflicts upon him a crippling blow.

See Also:

ambush, hide, sneak
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