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Video Camera - You're on candid camera!


Video cameras are recording and playback devices that can be used to record motion, sounds and actions within your current environment. Video cameras are powered devices, and must be active and held before they will record anything.

Starting recording

To begin recording with your device, it must be both held and switched on. If both of these things are true, you can start to record footage using 'recording start'. It will continue to record until you use the 'recording stop' command.

Playing Back A Recording

The playback command is used to watch recordings on the camera. You can list the recordings using 'recording list', and if you wish to delete a particular recoridng, 'recording delete' will permit you to do that. You can playback specific recordings (those you see with recording list) by using 'playback <number>'. Playback stops with the 'playback stop' command.

Recording Tricks

While you are recording, you can do closeups on objects in your environment using the 'closeup' command. This will cause the long description of the object to be inserted into your recording. If you wish to show the long description of your current room, then you can use the 'pan' command.

Syntax Forms

recording delete [recording] <number> on <object> 

Delete the indicated recording on the indicated device.

recording start on <object> 

Start recording with the indicated device.

upload <number> from <object> to <computer> [with filename] <filename> 

Upload the indicated recording from the recording device to the indicated computer using the given filename.

closeup on <object> with <object> 

Perform a close-up on the indicated object with the indicated device.

recording list on <object> 

List the recordings on the device.

playback [recording] <number> on <object> 

Playback the indicated recording on the device.

recording stop on <object> 

Stop recording with the indicated device.

pan <object> 

Pan the recording device over the current room.

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