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This command allows you to change the default spoken language. At the start you will only know the language of your chosen nationality and grunt.

If you speak your chosen language in your homeland, chances are there will be a large number of locals who will understand you. If you speak it abroad, however, there will be a smaller chance that you will be understood by the citizens of that land, since not all of them will have learned your nation's tongue. As time goes on you will probably have opportunities to learn new languages.

Languages have different properties, for example not all languages are spoken, and not all languages are written.

Syntax Forms

sp_eak [in] <language> 

Speak the indicated language, if it's one that you know.


List the languages which you know.


Example one

> speak english You are already speaking English.

Example two

> speak * english * general Please note that the language you are speaking is used for writing as well, but some of the languages may be just written.

See Also:

sayto, whisper, whisperto, lsay, lsayto, shout
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