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Command - Command(s) and Conquer(s)


In Epitaph, we have no fixed classes, no professions, and no templates by which commands are awarded. Instead, you purchase your commands through a command point budget. In this way, you can create the character you want, with the capabilities you want. Except, not really, because your points are precious and in order to get one thing you have to give up others.

Everyone Commands

Some commands are automatically given to everyone. These reflect the basic skills that everyone has in the post apocalyptic landscape. Everyone can swing a knife for example. These give you a baseline for solo adventuring in the game. The list of commands that you have is available using the 'commands' command. Some commands are free, but dependant on skill levels - you'll get them awarded to you (in a flash of realisation inspired by your increased competence) when you have advanced your skills to the appropriate levels.

Other commands

The rest of the commands in the game must be purchased from your command budget. This is not a life-time obligation - there are knacks that you can purchase that will refund your budget if you fancy a change, but these knacks come at a significant cost of experience. Each command has a command point cost (you can see your current command point budget using the 'score' command). These can be purchased using 'commands buy <command>', provided you have the points available to meet the cost.

Command points

Command points are earned in various ways - you get a fraction of your combined bonus in your skills as part of your budget, part is based on the quest points you have obtained in the game, and part is based on the achievement points you have achieved. If you want more command points to spend, the best thing you can do is to play the game.

Syntax Forms

co_mmands all 

List all of the special commands available in the system.

co_mmands points 

Show the breakdown of where your command points come from


List all the special commands that you have available to you.

co_mmands {cost|costs} 

List all of the commands in the system, categorised by how many points they cost.

co_mmands award all 

Request the awarding of all commands you are currently due.

co_mmands <category> 

List all the commands in a particular category.

co_mmands details <command> 

Get the details associated with a particular command.

co_mmands buy <command> 

Buy a command using your available command points.


Example one

> commands Your social commands: battlecry, bribe, charm, haggle, intimidate, rally, roar and taunt Your covert commands: abscond, ambush, backstab, conceal, crack, feign, hide, mug, palm, reveal, rifle, slip, sneak, steal, takedown and unconceal Your medical commands: treat and triage Your adventuring commands: appraise, assess, deactivate, hack, inspect, instruct, jimmy, judge, lure, pick, preparation, probe, repair, tame, track and value Your cooking commands: bake, boil, chop, distill, fry, mix and refine Your combat commands: aim, charge, cheapshot, cleave, coldcock, crush, disarm, doubletap, execute, fire, flurry, footgrab, guard, gut, kick, kneecap, lowblow, pin, punch, quickdraw, rapidfire, reload, shove, slam, slash, smash, snipe, spray, stab, stomp, struggle, subdue, sunder, sweep, throw, trip, unjam, unpin and wrestle Your craft commands: assemble, butcher, cure, cut, draft, dye, fashion, fell, forage, forge, harvest, mill, mine, prospect, quarry, research, shape, skin, smelt, square, stitch, study, survey, tan, tinker, upgrade and whittle

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